Virginia Spring Gobbler Season Hits Record Numbers

Turkey Hunting In Virginia

Has this every happened to you?

Your driving to work, or working on something around the house, or just laying on the couch watching T.V..

And it comes out of nowhere.. A light bulb comes on in your head.

The perfect idea for hunting season this year.

Your not just going to hunt deer this year, your new plan is to mix it up again.

Remember, when you were a kid?

You hunted anything that would stand still long enough for you to get a shot at it.

You were so bad… your dad made a rule around your house…

“If you shoot it… you have to eat it”.

That was the rule around our farm. There were a couple exceptions… if you shoot the window out of the motor home, the pick up truck and I think… our mini van once, you have to pay for it.

The other exception was you didn’t have to eat crow (no pun intended) during crow season or predators that were killing the chickens.

The main problem:

This rule existed because our kids (boys and girls) loved to shoot all the time. And they were too good to leave unencumbered without any rules. Hell, we would have been overrun with bugs in 2 weeks or less.

Those little turds would have killed every bird within a 2 mile radius if there were not rules.

You do remember those days… Don’t You?

Things Changed With Responsiblity

You grew up and took on responsibility, then was an official member of the “Rat Race”. Working, paying bills having more month left at the end of the money so you took on another job. Have I described it clearly.

After about 25 things settled down, you made enough to get through the month with no problems but you didn’t do those fun things you use to do.

You Forgot.

Now, you remember… deer hunting is not the only kind of hunting there is.

Every year the DGIF of Virginia announces the harvest rates of all game.

2014 Spring Gobbler Season Hits Record Numbers

The Virginia spring gobbler season of 2015 ended with a new record. The previous record for the most Virginia’s spring gobblers killed in a single year was set in 2013 with a total of 19,265.

This year per the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries report a record 20,580 gobblers were taken throughout the State.

The spring harvest is the benchmark the experts go by to determine the Virginia turkey population and with this record year, it is believed to be at record levels. One footnote that must be mentioned for the 2015 Virginia Spring Gobbler Season is; this is the first year that permitted turkey hunting on Sundays on private land.

Sunday hunting resulted in about 10% of the total gobblers taken in 2015. Some argue, that Sunday hunting was responsible for the record numbers. Others argue a good portion of these birds would have been taken on other days anyway.

Either way it is pretty obvious the Virginia turkey population is doing well. To see how Sunday hunting really affected the record setting year, we will have to wait and keep the data for the next 5 years to see what impact Sunday hunting really has on the number harvested.

It is not a surprise that Saturday is always the busiest day for spring gobbler season every year, as most hunters work through the week. In 2015 approximately 35% of the record harvest was on Saturdays. As most avid turkey hunters know weather plays an important factor when turkey hunting in Virginia and the weather this past spring was very favorable.

Per the DGIF there was almost one (.082) bird killed per square mile throughout the State of Virginia.

To Busy For Spring Gobbler Season

This spring we decided to put in summer food plots for the first time. That coupled with the chore of rebuilding our web site didn’t leave any time for spring gobbler hunting. We did have our trail cameras out and found a very robust gobbler population here.

Also, while out walking the farm in the evening to check the trail cameras and when I was bush hogging we jumped turkeys almost every day in every section of the farm.

We believe with the new food plots not only will the deer and turkey population thrive but our dove and quail population is going to do very well. The quail on the farm have not had any hunting pressure in 21 years. That is the reason they look like fat little footballs that can fly when we jump them.

An interesting number released by the DGIF was that 92% of all spring gobblers harvested were on private land. The rest were on govt land, 6% was on Federal and 2% was on State lands.

In my book “Definitive Hunting Guide” I discuss having the competitive advantage before you go into the woods.

Virginia private hunting land it seems will give you the most advantage when going spring gobbler hunting in Virginia.

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