Virginia Hunting

Did The Video... Get Your Blood Flowing?

But your a bit skeptical... And you have some questions?  

No problem.. I would to.

I will do my best to get you some answers... shortly.

First, I Have Some Questions

What would you say if you knew... even I get skunked... On My Own Farm some days and I've lived here for over 20 years?

There I said It!... It's True.

Are you still as excited? No... HUMMM

So deep down inside you want to go hunting for one day, on land you've never been on and be guaranteed you'll shoot something... Sound About Right?

I Got Some Bad News For You... Your In The Wrong Friggin Place... (Hit The Back Button)

If your not suprised I get skunked...

Then you're realistic with your hunting goals and most importantly you understand: This is Hunting... Not Killing...

Chances are you know it takes skill combined with some luck, and good hunting land to get game, especially deer, turkey and bear.

Okay... How about this:

Do you hunt because you love being outdoors? Let me see if I can say that differently: If a buddy of yours has a boat and you've been invited to go fishing for the day; is the boat ride and being on the water for the day so much fun that catching fish is like a bonus?

If your the type that has to kill something when hunting and you have to catch fish when fishing... in order for you to consider it a successful trip... then you need to keep moving... Quick... Hit The Back Button.

But, If you love the outdoors, and you love to learn little things every day that will make you a better hunter... Win - Lose - Or Draw... your in the right place.

Hey,... Your Still With Me That's ....GREAT!

I had to go through that exercise....

After 55 years of hunting I found there are a lot of knot heads out there that... want to do what the hell they want...

And the majority of them have no respect for the land owner, other hunters, or the land and worst of all... they have unreasonable expectations.

To Be Perfectly Honest With You... They Piss Me Off!

We had to get them to hit the back button. We want respectful sportsman who appreciate a great hunting spot out here in the country where all you have to do is show up and hunt and know you won't have any hassles from knot heads.

We don't want them or their kind spoiling it for you, my family or anyone else for that matter.

Where We Started

When we first started out, we figured we had a real nice farm that was great for no frills, D.I.Y. hunting suitable for experienced and inexperienced hunters, like my Grandfathers farm was for me.

We set it up so people like us, could go hunting on private land in Virginia... Without Going Broke.

It didn't matter if they came with a bunch of their buddies or brought their children, as long as they cleaned up after themselves and were respectful to us and the land... everything would be fine.

After 4-5 years we found out...

That's not what we created at all...

What we actually created was what some described as... Paradise.

I know that didn't make any sense to me either when I first heard it...

We live here, get dirty as hell planting food plots, putting in bedding areas, sweat like crazy in the summer checking trail cameras and cutting firewood. We cut lots of grass and have been known to get eatin alive by ticks...

In the winter we freeze our butts off sitting in a stand in 3 inches of snow before the sun comes up

I know what you thinkin... And I Agree!

They Must Have Gotten Too Close To The Smoke At The Fire Pit...

What Paradise?

After sitting around hundreds of camp fires at night, talking about huntin and the ones that got away like a lot of hunters do... those fireside chats lead to us being very politely reminded by those who come here year after year...

We Didn't Have A Clue What We Had Here.

We have been told that we didn't have a farm just for hunting: but a place where folks can just get away... where they can go sit in the woods and unwind. They did remind me that 98% of them take naps while sitting in a tree stand or blind while deer hunting here in Virginia.

Some would just lean up against a tree when turkey and squirrel hunting and take a nap..

The single biggest comment most make... doesn't have a damn thing to do with hunting!

They can't believe how bright the stars are here at night. They are amazed at how clear the night sky is here in Southern Virginia. Hell... I thought the sky looked like that everywhere.

What they like most is...

They have no pressure to accomplish anything. They don't have work days like in a hunt club because it is all done when they get here.

Moreover, they don't feel like they have to kill something because their family and friends know they spent thousands of dollars on a hunt and it would suck to come home... Skunked!

In otherwords, for less than the "Trophy Fee's " on a guided hunt they have a great place to hunt all year long and can bring their buddies and/or kids along with them.

From the very beginning, we designed our farm to be all about having good times, a lot of laughs and a place... where memories are created for years to come.

A Hunters Playground

Besides having a Paradise, don't forget we also... Created a Hunters Playground!

Getting away is fine but lets not forget about a super place to hunt all year round (abiding by the game laws of course) without anyone bothering you.

The coolest thing is about our farm is; I use the farm as my own Hunting Reseach Lab. We test and tweak everything and then do one more thing... to see if we can make it a little better.

We use different plants in the food plots, create different bedding areas and different methods of scouting, attracting deer, turkey, bears, dove and any other critters that want to come join us.

Oh... I should have mentioned we love to go... Predator Hunting

We go way beyond just food plots. Food plots are just a small part of an eco system that is designed for the wildlife. I kept lots of notes about lots of things over the past 55 years.

One day, out of the blue...

I realized it was no longer D.I.Y hunting, that somehow I got so caught up into testing and tweaking that our land had morphed into... "Done For You Hunting" land.

I compiled all this information and put the stands in the best places, planted sunflower seeds for dove and turkey hunting, made sure there are plenty of minerals for those bucks to grow their antlers and the doe's to have plenty of milk for the fawns all summer long, put in soy beans and corn to grow the deer fat... and

I share all of this information with you when you come and hang out with us.
(HINT: My Hunting Guide System was developed here)


You don't know about the Hunting system I developed or the book I wrote? You better go take a look... all of this will make a little more sense to you after you watch my video and see the farm. Farm Tour

But This Isn't What You Think It Is

This might sound like the kind of hunting that only the very rich can afford... But Its Not!

Those $500 per day guided hunts at an expensive Outfitter with out-of-this-world beautiful Lodges are nice... No Doubt!

But they cause the prices to go up...Drastically!

Nothing wrong with it if you have plenty of money and can afford it.

As I described above we have the important things the High End Outfitters have... without the frills. No Expensive Lodges, or expensive meals or the overhead of high priced guides.

If you don't want to/can't afford the high prices of an Outfitter... We cut out the frills so that pile of money... stays right in your pocket. (our hunts start at less than $100 per day with everything included). See our booking page below for package details.

Plus, if you don't want to camp out, you can still hunt... there are plenty of hotels and resturants close... leaving plenty of money still left in your pocket.

It's Your Choice...

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee the following:

We will be friendly and treat you as part of the family.
When you get comfortable we guarantee we won't cause you any stress.
We will share all of our hunting tips in regards to our farm.
We scout all the time and put our stands/blinds in the best areas.
If you want to get away to quiet surroundings - Welcome To Heaven!
If you want a place to bring the family and be safe - You found it!
If you want a place to hang out with your buddies - Come on!
If you want a place to learn how to hunt... Just Get Here!

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P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose from giving us a call today. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to have you come out and hunt with us. Start making memories that last at a price that is affordable for everyone. *Please note that we do not guarantee kills. Your ability, skill and experience ultimately determine your success but we promise to provide you with a great experience no matter what!