Want To Go Hunting And Get Away For A While?
Don't Like Hunt Clubs Or Hunting On State Land?
Can't Afford The Luxury The Outfitters Offer?

You Don't Have An Excuse Not To Go Hunting Anymore!! Hunt On A Private Farm In Southern Virginia...CHEAP!D.I.Y. Hunts On A Private Farm... Doesn't Get Better Than That!!!

So, you want to go hunting but you don’t want all the hassles that come with it? You don’t want to hunt on Public hunting land for several reasons:

And… You don’t want to join a hunt club because:

Okay, here’s the perfect solution…  go to one of those beautiful Outfitter places with the pictures of beautiful lodges where they serve the home cooked meals in dinning rooms the size of two small houses… Right?  OHHH… you don’t want to have to mortgage your home to pay the high fee’s associated with all of that luxury.

Hey Partner,

We feel your frustration. The simple answer would be to know a family member or a friend who owns a large farm that would be perfect for hunting. You ask permission to hunt and they say… YES!. The problem is… everyone else and their brother has already asked for permission and if they say yes to you… THEY HAVE TO SAY YES TO EVERYONE!

It’s Not That They Don’t Want To… But 

Land owners don’t want a bunch of people… especially some they don’t even know… just showing up and hunting on their land. A few landowners don’t mind hunters or hunting but most don’t want the hassle. Besides they bought the land for themselves and their family to enjoy.

If they spend the money and labor putting in food plots and they keep row crops off the fence lines to create cover for the quail and rabbits it’s simple… they don’t want others taking advantage of all their hard work.

Tip: if you know someone who has lots of land offer to help financially or do some work… and maybe they will let you hunt. If they don’t now you understand why.

Here Is An Option That Will Let You Go Hunting In Virginia Without Going Broke!

First let me tell you what this land is not:

Not some cutover land: We work on the farm everyday. We don’t cut every field to the ground as this would leave the quail, rabbits and other game susceptible to their predators. We let some fields grow up under our management program to maximize our hunting success by increasing the game population. This property grows organic everything. It has not had chemical fertilizers on it in over 19 years. Therefore the wildlife is abundant.

Not in the City: This farm is located in the South Central part of the State that is easy to get to yet doesn’t have much traffic. It is not so rural that there is nothing around at all. Just close enough to town to make things comfortable.

Not stripped down bare: On Nature’s Choice Farms we have every creature comfort afforded anyone in the city and then some. We have running water in several areas of the farm supplied by frost proof spickets. We have a wonderful area for processing game along with running water, electric, large cutting tables and freezers to keep your game in until your ready to leave.

We have plenty of room for you to bring your campers or tent and live comfortable for several days. We have out buildings you can put some extra gear in should we get a rainy day. Should you stay with us a few days we have a refrigerator you can use.
There is a fire pit near the pond for you to sit around at night or cook on if you like. We have an unlimited supply of home grown seasoned firewood delivered and stacked for your use.

Shooting Range: There is a nice range set up for you to sight in your bows or guns. You will need to bring your own targets, guns and ammunition.

No Hassles: Upon your arrival at the farm you will be given options as to where you can set up. Once set up we will give you a tour of the area you will be hunting. We generally do this after all the other hunters have come out of the field.  Once you know where to go and are set up… your on your own.

A Special Series With practical information about hunting to help you succeed on your next hunting trip.


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Not A Game Preserve With Game In Fences: Make no mistakes… This is not a guaranteed hunt. This is a D.I.Y. hunt. You have to use your hunting skills to find the game and your own hunting gear while here. I have to mention this because every year we get people calling and want to know our guarantee policy..

This is a farm with all kinds of wild game that comes and goes as it pleases. We permit deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit hunting. We also permit predator hunting in the evening with one of our guides.

Exactly What Is A DIY Hunt In Virginia: Read This

Okay Already… I’m Convinced But How Much Do You Charge?

When it comes to fee’s  most people cringe and try to sugar coat it with a big long explanation justifying why there about to dig in your pocket pretty deep… Not Here!

If you don’t have equipment we can help there also while supplies last:

Tree Stand in one of Jim’s Honey holes…    $15.00 per day
Brand New Box Blind ( 2 adults fit fine)…    $20.00 per day

That’s it… We do our best to keep things simple. There are no other hidden fee’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many People Can We Bring In Our Group?

We will put your group in an area that is well marked and is about 50 acres. We  permit up to 6 people in one area.We feel this is the right number of hunters in this size area to hunt safely without encroaching on each other.

What About My Family?

We are asked;

Can I bring my girlfriend? She wants to come but she is not going to hunt.
Can I bring my children?
Can my wife and daughter come along? Just my son and I are going to hunt?
Can our buddy come along? He is not going to carry a gun (bow), he has never been hunting and wants to see what it’s like.

The simple answer is: YES, YES and YES! And they don’t have to pay a dime extra. This is assuming of course your not trying to run a game on us. In other words don’t bring 6 people when only one is hunting.

We do reserve the right to refuse service to all people and groups who are….
unreasonable! (we reserve the right to determine who are unreasonable and who aren’t).


The way you make a reservation is call 434-264-2491

Tell us what dates you would like to hunt, how many are in your group and if there are children tell us their ages. If the dates are available we will give you the total costs of your hunt.

When we agree on a date we will send you an email with all the details of your hunt. You will need to send a non-refundable 50% deposit. (Donna will tel you how much and your options to pay this on the phone).

Well that's it...pretty simple program. If you have any further questions give us a call and I am sure we can get your questions answered.
The food plots are in...the game is here.

All we need is for you and your family and friends to show up to have some fun.

Book Your Hunt Hunt Now! Call 434-264-2491

P.S. Hunting season is short in Southern Virginia and our spots fill up fast...If you plan on coming hunting get your reservations in Early!

A Special Series With practical information about hunting to help you succeed on your next hunting trip.


We respect your email privacy

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