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It’s the beginning of fall and the leaves are turning colors.

The big box sporting goods stores are running commercials on every T.V. station promoting all types of hunting gear.

Hold up one minute…

Your mind begins to race…

I’ll bet that do dad is just the trick I need to kill that deer/bear/turkey…

Rewind that commercial…

After a couple of minutes of dreaming how that new gizmo will work for you…

You decide it’s time to go do a little hunting in Virginia.

HUMMM…. Or maybe you just think you want to do some hunting!

What Most Hunters In Virginia Crave…

What most sportsman who venture into the woods really want to do…

Isn’t to go hunting!

But… Buy Their Way To A Quick Kill.

Find that one gadget they can buy that will help them kill something… GUARANTEED!.

There I Said It..

Don’t believe me?

I’ll prove it…

95% of people would hunt over bait when deer hunting  in Virginia

And It’s True!

But, since hunting over bait while deer hunting, is illegal in Virginia most who venture out into the woods are looking to buy a magic potion or super duper piece of equipment the sporting goods store is selling… hoping it will give them a short cut … so they can go kill something…. Quickly.


The sporting goods stores know it… and they are full of these products.

The bags have pretty pictures of deer on them, with just the right blend of colors and graphic’s that make these products irresistible to rookie hunters.

Why Do Sportsman Fall In This Trap?

Most hunters fall into the marketing trap of the sporting goods store… not because their lazy.

But because…

It’s our societal habits of Today.

It’s no secret… time is very limited for most of us.

Family, Work, homework and soccer games take up the majority of our week. By the end of the week we are all looking for (need) a short cut or two to fit everything in.

The habits in our busy lives require that we be efficient at everything… all the time.

Most don’t have time to spend in the woods learning all there is about hunting and the rest don’t want to. Our lives require that we find as many short cuts as possible… especially when it comes to our recreation.

Get in the woods, kill something and get out. And if we don’t do it in that order… We have to eliminate something!

All the manufactures of hunting products have a secret…

Want To Know What It Is?

They Sell… HOPE

And wrap it in in a pretty package with a deer on it. The stuff inside may be different but all of it is designed to convince you it will make hunting (killing) easy… And Automatic

Keeping Score?

The time is getting near…

Two more days and you’re going on your weekend hunting trip. You have planned this trip for over 6 months now and you’re excited.

All your friends, family and co-workers know you’re going hunting this weekend, and you can be sure they will all want to know on Monday what you killed… Correct?

You have to kill something or your reputation as a hunter is going right in the dumpster on Monday.

So you have to make sure the place you’re going to hunt has an abundance of game… Right?

Almost a guarantee that you will kill something.

Got a question…

When was the last time you bowled a perfect game? NEVER…

When was the last time you won the World Series Of Poker? NEVER

Why do you keep score at all when you’re hunting?

Keeping score when hunting is as dumb as asking… who is the better singer Dolly Parton or Kenny Rodgers? They’re both rich as hell… and they both draw big crowds at their concerts. Who cares?

Number One Question We Get Asked

I had a guy call us on the phone today (Oct 2015)and he asked this question:

What’s Your Success Rate?

In the past this was our most commonly asked question. So, we put up articles like this and some videos explaining about hunting and its trials and tribulations. I even wrote a book and people stopped asking this question.

From experience I knew immediately the exact type of person who would ask this question…

His interest was not in going hunting or learning how to become a good hunter.

He was someone who was looking for guarantees and looking to kill something quickly.

Today it struck a nerve with me… Pissed Me Off!

At the beginning of our discussion I found out this guy had not watched one video (claimed he could not get the video to load), had not read one article on the site nor had any idea about why we do what we do.

All he cared about was this thing called “Success Rate”.

Who Cares Most About Success Rate?

You don’t hear about success rate at the bowling alley. How many people are successful at bowling a perfect score… Very few.

You don’t hear about success rate at a poker tournament. In 2015 there were over six thousand people who entered the World Series Of Poker… Only one is going to win!

Yet there are a lot of folks that go bowling and play poker regularly and Win-Lose or Draw they just show up because they have fun.

With hunting it’s different. Over time hunting has morphed into a competition and keeping score has all of the sudden become important.

Don’t fall into this trap!

The only people in the hunting game who care about Success Rate are the ones who don’t want to hunt… but want to kill something quickly and go brag about it on Monday.

We All Have A B.S. Meter

Think about this for a moment. If you’re hunting on a property that you know has game, who is Virginia buck responsible for your success rate?

If you can’t shoot worth a damn, how is that a reflection on the success rate of the property?

If you think about it… in our situation when asked: What is your success rate?

Really…This is a dumb ass question.

We have hunters from all walks of life, with all different levels of hunting experience and with lots of different hunting goals when hunting on the farm.

There is no way in the world to collect data on… Success Rate?

Here’s Why…

Some hunters only want to shoot trophy bucks so, they let the rest walk.

We don’t allow any bucks taken that are 4 points or less except in special situations by children.

We have hunters that are just learning how to hunt. They are in their own area so if they do mess up it doesn’t affect anyone else’s hunt . Their goal is to master the basic’s of hunting and expand their knowledge to become a better hunter.

They don’t know what walking quietly to and from the stand really means. Quite to them is not quite to us.

They don’t know that a red light is better to use than a white light when walking in and out of the woods in the dark until someone explains it.

They have not perfected the skill of hunting with their eyes and not their head.

You may be reading this and not know what the hell I’m talking about…

One night when sitting around the camp fire a guy was telling us that he was on the phone talking to his wife while in the stand…. and a doe walked right under him.

He tried to put his phone down and move to get a shot… It didn’t work! His success rate was 100% because at that moment talking to his wife was his goal.

Last Day… Buck Walks By

It was the last day of deer hunting season 2103. There were 3 buddies hunting in Section 3 and they were covering about 8 acres each… with multiple stands in each area.

Section 3 is behind my daughter’s property.

Our son-in-law had taken his 2 boys out hunting near the barn that morning. At 11:00 o’clock they went home to eat and take a break.

He took the boys in the house and went back to his truck to get something. As he was going to the truck he saw a buck running from section 3 towards the gate on his property.

That buck had to go by at least one of the three hunters who were hunting in Section 3, but no one saw him.

The reason why is because 3 hunters cannot cover all of section 3 at any one time without some skill and working together.

None of them understood how to use a grunt call to lure that buck to them. They all just sat in the stand hoping that something would walk in front of them.

What does that have to do with the success rate of our farm or the hunters for that matter? They were having a blast just being in the woods and hanging out together.

They got their first introduction to using a buck call and a doe bleat can at lunch that day. They didn’t know they needed it until that day.

None of the hunters could deny what my son-in-law saw. When they got back to camp for lunch he was skinning it out at our processing center.

Then there are Rick, Kenny and Mark… they come for 10 days every year. Some days they get up and go out early… some they just prefer to sleep in. Rick lets deer walk by him on a regular basis and Kenny sleeps in on a regular basis. They call getting away from their daily routines… 100% Success Rate.

Get Your Lazy Butt Off The Couch… That’s The Beginning Of Success!

Remember this… if you really want to go hunting no magic potion or super piece of equipment is going to make killing something easy. That is why it’s called “Hunting” and not killing.

The primary question that has to be answered is; does the property have plenty of game?

Is the property set up to hold and maintain wildlife? What effort (short cuts) has the owner done to make your hunting trip enjoyable?

The way you find this out is go check out the property by getting your ass off the couch and taking a drive. Then put your boots on and hit the ground.

Do some looking around and find out what you need to know about the property.

If this is too much trouble or my abrasive approach to hunting is troubling to you… then go bowling or take up knitting because hunting is not for you.

WARNING: Don’t play poker because the table talk makes my abrasive approach look like child’s play.

Don’t fall into the trap of judging a property over the telephone, with some over hyped sales person on the other end. If you’re standing on the property it’s hard for the person to lie to you.

Hunting is about enjoying time in the woods. Learning how to shoot a rifle or bow is just flat out fun. Failing can be a lot of fun if you let your hair down and don’t take this sport too serious.

FACT: All bowlers throw a gutter ball and all hunters get skunked.

You have never laughed so hard until you or your buddy brain farts and sends an arrow over the backstop and into the pond on the other side … that’s a friggin hoot.

The kids love to get the row boat out and go chase the arrow. To the kids your failure is their success.

Learning from your mistakes on the first day and gradually getting better every hour is what hunting is suppose to be about.

Being able to hit the bulls eye with a new compound bow 4 out of 4 times from 30 yards will not come on the second or third day. But, when you start dialing it in it will get your blood pumping for sure.

Hunting is not measured only by killing something. So, forget about keeping score and some abstract number people refer to as Success Rate.

Instead… Go grab a copy of my book for more details about becoming a better hunter…. Definitive Hunting Guide

It’s Free…

Then… Get In The Woods And Go Hunting and Have Some Fun!

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