Virginia Dove Hunting - The Most Fun Of All

The SunFlowers Are Planted - The Doves Are Here

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From The Desk Of Jim Francis -
Lunenburg Virginia

Dear Friend, Valued Supporter, Fellow Hunter, Future Success Story...

We have planted the sunflowers just off the edge of a really long tree line in Section 2 where you can sit in your favorite chair comfortably in the shade. Favorite drink in one hand and your gun in the other, and have one of the most memorable days in your hunting career. We have lots of doves on the farm and in years past it has never never been boring during dove season.

Two days before the season opener we will mow a strip on the outer edge of sunflowers in a couple spots to get the doves use to coming to feed. The day before we will mow some more and that will get them really stirred up and on September 1, 2015 Opening Day we will mow again first thing in the morning.

We have two other special days planned that are full day hunts. We will begin at 8:00 am in the field and hunt till noon when we will take a break for an hour for lunch. And begin again until everyone runs out of shells, has bagged their limit or it gets dark.

I will mow the sunflowers on an as needed basis on these days to keep the doves flying and feeding.

This Is Perfect For The Kids To Break In A New Shotgun...
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Cartoon Lazy ChairDon't get to damn comfortable sitting in the chair or thinking your going to have some relaxing afternoon. This Ain't Deer Huntin...

If you have never been Dove Hunting in Virginia you are in for a real treat. Assuming we don't get a hurricane coming in off the coast or Hell freezes over, you will be in for some really fast paced shooting.

Bring your favorite shotgun and 2-3 boxes of dove loads along with a fanny pack to strap around your waist. You will need to be able to reload quickly and a fanny pack with a box of bullets in it will work just fine for that.

 Natural Flyway

I put the Sunflowers in this long narrow strip on purpose. The doves live in the trees all along the flyway and just across the field in our 60 acres of hardwoods. This long strip gives us plenty of room to spread out and will hold 12 - 15 groups with no safety issues because everyone will be shooting in the same direction.

I did it in a long strip because it is much easier to keep them flying this way no matter how many hunters there are. In years past we put plots in several areas of the farm and it was too hard to man all those spots and keep them flying. This solves that problem.

If your a parent who is looking to get their child addicted to hunting you don't want to miss out on our Dove Shoots. After a couple of attempts at shooting those fast flying little "footballs" every child's heart will beat out of their chest and... they won't ever quit hunting.

Bring Your Appetite and Favorite Drink... Lunch Is On Us!

Come In Early...Opening Day

We will start greeting everyone around 9:30 am, finish up any registration chores that are lingering till around 10:30 and eat lunch around 11:00. We will start heading out for the field around 11:45 and be ready to let the first load go at 12:00 noon.

Our Organized Dove Hunting Dates Are As Follows:

September 5th
September 12th
September 19th


We will be monitoring the doves through the week and let everyone know how there flying. If there not flying very good you will not be charged one of your dates from your package.

For anyone with a Season Pass you are welcome to come hunt on any day during Virginia Dove Season as long as there is availability. The dates above are special dates that we agree to provide lunch for everyone and have a really good time.

Buy A Season Pass and All Children 15 And Under Are... FREE!

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