Virginia Deer Hunting -Keep Your Boots On The Ground

Deer Hunting In Virginia

Are you a City hunter?

Or Are you a want-a-be hunter?

Don’t Know?

Are you really in the woods trying your best to find the game trails, looking for new sign from the night before, notice any new smells that weren’t there the night before?

You do know that is what your suppose to be looking for when hunting?

If you do know it… and you got your ass propped up on a 4 wheeler making noise going in the woods you… should be beat with a stick. You know better than that.

If you don’t know that is what your suppose to be doing… then go read up on hunting and keep your ass out of the woods until you learn the basics.

That’s like some dumb ass sitting at a black jack table in front of you that doesn’t know how to play. The odds are already in the houses favor the other players don’t need you adding to their already stacked odds.

Now, this is doesn’t apply to those who have handicaps or had their knees replaced and without transportation they wouldn’t be able to hunt. This is for anyone who is healthy and has not business riding on anything… but their legs.

If you read the home page you will know that I started Hunting In as a journal for my kids and grand kids. Here is one of those journal entries that I want them to pay close attention to. Moreover, when they come to me trying to justify why they need some newfangled toy that goes fast I am going to refer them back to this article.

Learn The Basics of Virginia Deer Hunting First!

With the advent of new toys lots of hunters will be tempted to find a use for them and justify how to use them for hunting. You will find as a rule those who use go fast toys for hunting have limited or no success when still/stand hunting deer in Virginia.

Let me qualify this real quick. This does not apply to deer hunting with dogs in Virginia. That is a whole different game.

My best word of advice for new a hunter is… Stick with the basics until you know what you’re doing. While I am at it, my best advice for old hunters is… do the same thing!

To begin with the majority of folks who go into the woods generally don’t have a clue what they’re doing when it comes to Virginia deer hunting. The majority of folks will admit this and ask for advice.

They don’t know to start in September looking for rubs. Most don’t know what a rub is nor what it’s for and furthermore, they wouldn’t know a scrape if it hit them in the head. This little article is not to discuss the fine points of deer hunting. I will do that in other articles.

Here is a real simple thing to remember: in order to learn the basics of deer hunting you will find… keeping your boots on the ground will lead to more success. If you keep your boots on the ground you will kill some deer.

Best of all when you kill some deer you will know what works and you won’t buy toys or gadgets that will spook the deer onto your neighbors land therefore your chances will increase and you will keep killing more deer.

You will learn not to go running through the woods yelling as you will learn making any kind of noise will bump the deer out of the area during the daylight.

ATV’s Are A Pain In The Butt

As you may suspect I am talking about ATV’s. They are noisy and a real pain in the butt if you’re serious about deer hunting. Donna and I had a nice Honda Foerman 500 4×4 with electric shift. We bought it for doing the farm chores. After we bought it we found we didn’t use it much.

We found at that time the only thing we did with that four wheeler was clean the carburetor… before we could use it. We are walkers and would leave it sitting in the barn for 6 months and that is not good for the carb.

There are only a couple people who have been hunting here that could tell you what our ATV looked like.

Those who know me know I walk everywhere. When we take new hunters out for a tour… we walk. And when I am doing a tour…. At times I forget I have guests because the scout in me kicks in and out of the corner of my eye… I will see that shiny little tree sticking up with the bark rubbed off of it. WOW…I didn’t see that before and my mind will kick in…” I am going to have to find the dude that made it. “

Virginia Deer Hunting

The Twins

Moreover, my mind will begin to wander and think… “HUMMM I wonder if one of the twins did that”?

When you have your boots on the ground you will know what is moving and shaking on your little piece of heaven. You will know how to draw the big boys off your neighbor’s property without much trouble. When you do those small things, big things will begin to happen.

(Click the picture to make it bigger)

ATV’s Have Their Place

As with anything ATV’s have their place while hunting. For example, I would use an ATV if I were hunting a crazy patch of woods a couple of miles back off the road. But, I would only use it after I had walked the woods doing my scouting.

Understand this… I would only travel that far back into some woods if I knew there was a monster I could get within bow range. Boots on the ground is the only way you will find out the information you need to know.

After all of my recon work I would get within a half mile of where I was going to hunt and know where I could hide the ATV. I would walk the rest of the way in. The sole purpose of the ATV would be to help me drag his big butt back to the truck 2 miles away.

A Better Solution:

As I got older and found I was unable to walk far and still wanted to go deer hunting in Virginia, I would use an electric golf cart. Our buddy Rick H. who comes here every year showed me how they work.  They don’t make much noise and will travel over most ground and will not go fast enough to bump the deer too far if I ran up on one.

Better yet, if I was having trouble getting around, I will scout an area closer to the house so I can walk in. Then, during the summer I would work on things that would motivate the deer to come to me.

Hey… Look at how I developed the camp road in Section 1. You will see that anyone who has trouble getting around can get real close to the action here and not have to walk far.

If you want to ride a Go Fast Toy… do it when your not hunting or go to an ATV park. If you want to do some Virginia deer Hunting leave them in the barn.

If you have not already watched my videos on my Hunting Guide System click on the banner below. After watching the videos you will understand why we do the things we do.

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