The Secret To Deer Hunting Success

So you think you know the secret to deer hunting success?

You have to have food… Right?


Some say you have to hinge cut a bunch of trees and create lots of bedding area.

Not that either…

Virginia Deer Hunting Some experts believe scouting is the most important aspect of hunting deer.

Other experts believe you can buy success by having the newest product on the market.

Hold up…

One expert only hunts over water… All deer have to drink… Correct?

Over the last 55 years I have spent thousands of hours studying the masters and a lot of my buddies, all of whom are incredible deer hunters.

I Learned Their Secrets Of Deer Hunting…

Deer hunting takes a lot of hard work and the more you do to understand deer the more chances of success you will have.

Personally, I watch the hunting guides… They make a living taking others hunting charging thousands of dollars for this service. These guides have to perform every day or their business and reputation will go bankrupt…. QUICKLY!

First rule is hunting guides control the land they hunt on. This is very important because the more control they have of the land they hunt the more chances of success they will have.

They don’t hunt on gov’t owned land…. because they can’t control other hunters. The last thing a guide wants is to scout hard to find a Persimmon Treebedding area with a trail leading to a watering hole or a persimmon tree and the day of the big hunt there are 4 other hunters sitting up wind of his stand with no scent control blowing human scent over the entire 5500 acres.

They can’t manage the bedding areas on govt land.

And they can’t manage the food sources on govt land or cut new trails.

Hunting gov’t land is like playing the lottery… the odds are stacked against you.

Like the lottery people get lucky and someone wins everyday. This is not about LUCK!

You can scout the land but scouting is good only if you can control who is hunting on the property.

Of the hundred deer hunters I’ve spoken to, every single one of them had a unique situation, and a set of strategies for their situation that led to their success.

Some focused on improving the habitat for deer, such as improving the bedding areas by hinge cutting trees.

Others manipulated their habitat by select cutting a stand of hardwoods to open the canopy and let the sunlight hit the forest floor to create cover and browse for the deer or by planting apple trees in specific spots on their land. We select cut a few trees on our farm in 2010 to create ground cover for the deer.

Others focused on scouting with trail cameras all year long. I do this on our farm primarily because I want to know early how many does are with fawns in the Spring.

During the summer months I want to know if the fawn population is staying steady. If not, I know I have a predator problem and need to take drastic measures immediately to stop the slaughter.

Others preferred long-range scouting with a spotting scope without spooking the deer to get a good indication of the herd size and who the dominate deer are in the herd. I will do this a few times a year normally to figure out where the deer are coming from and going to.

Virginia Deer BedA lot of hunters with large tracks of land believe in protecting bedding areas and leaving them as sanctuaries that no one is permitted to hunt or in some instances are not allowed to get near during hunting season.

Some hunters I know who had small tracks of land would dive into bedding areas hunting them hard.

Some hunters I know will hunt areas no one else will go to. They will walk a mile or two back into some thick cut over to get to a creek they found signs of deer crossing.

I won’t do this because I don’t enjoy dragging large deer over long distances anymore.

Beginners make mistakes. Just a part of life.

The good news?

You know that darkness you’re stumbling around in? Well, I’m going to turn on the light.

What did I take away from all of these hunters?

It’s Simple…

There is no single path to consistent deer hunting success.

If you have to hunt gov’t land… scout hard and watch the wind direction. Hunt upwind of other hunters as much as possible using your competitive intel to your advantage.

The more control of the land you’re hunting the more chances of success you will have. A hunting guide scouts the property by doing a lot of walking and using trail cameras to understand the deer herd. Then he creates bedding areas to hold the big bucks in one area and does in another.

0909151021He plants food plots in strategic locations in order to steer the deer from bedding areas to food using their game trails or by creating a game trail to and from the bedding area that is more suitable to him.

Once this is done he places multiple stands on the land in order to take advantage of the travel pattern of the deer and the wind direction on any given day.

There is no one secret… Strategic deer hunters work hard in the summer to make easy work of hunting during the season.

Use all the tools a hunting guide would use to maintain a healthy whitetail deer herd on your property coupled with some common sense about wind direction and scent control and you to will see success.

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