The Most Fun Hunting Trip You Can Go On

Virginia Dove Hunting

Everyone in the State is crazy about deer hunting in Virginia. To put it quite mildly deer hunting is a lot of work. Older bucks are smart and you have to bring you’re “A” game to outwit a wily old dude that has been around for 3 years or better.

Plus, you have to be in the stand in the middle of December when it is cold… cold… cold. On top of that don’t let it rain and catch you unprepared. Your clothes will get soaked and you will be cold to the bone by the time you get back to camp.

The Biggest Challenge

If that is not enough to discourage you from hunting… take a child along on a cold rainy day. A youngster about 12 yrs old who is impatient anyway will want to quit before you get started. They will use every excuse in the book to get you to take them back to camp even if their sitting in a blind out of the weather. Remember my article: Piddlin And Diddlin… Kids are impatient.

Why Swim Up Stream

If you want to introduce a kid to hunting make sure you get them hooked before you go deer hunting. This is like fishing, you have to tease them with a little bait (lots of shooting action), and then a little more with some camping. When the time is right they will hook themselves.

When I was a kid I wanted action. When we went hunting in Western Ohio/Eastern Indiana we did all the fun hunts, squirrel, rabbit and quail. Here on our farm in Southern Virginia the kids love to go dove hunting. Most people don’t know about Virginia dove hunting, but partner that is the best kept hunting secret in Virginia.

In one morning you can go through a couple boxes of shells before you limit out. When deer hunting your lucky to get a couple shots in a day. Doves are not like deer they don’t run out of the county when you shoot at them. If they want to eat in the sunflower plot you have planted nothing will stop those little devils from trying.

It is non-stop action on opening day. You grab a bite to eat just before noon, grab a couple of bottles of water and head for the field and wait for noon to arrive. At 12 o’clock sharp the fun begins and doesn’t end until you either; run out of shells, limit out or the sun goes down.

Best of all it’s not cold out. The weather is generally real nice the first of September. And you don’t have to have any special equipment to call the birds in. They just come on their own. Granted Donna, and Trever and Landon help me to plant the sunflower plot but that’s it.

We plant food plots for the deer too but those suckers know not to stay out to long in the morning and not to show up too much before dark because trouble may be lurking just around the corner. Doves don’t care. When they’re hungry they come to eat no matter the time of day… or if your shooting at them.

Don’t keep this to yourself… Let the secret out and tell everyone because they will want to come dove hunting with you.

Check out what we do here on the farm – Go Dove Hunting In Virginia


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