The Lucky Hunter

Virginia Deer Hunting

Have you ever notice there always seems to be this one lucky dude that always shoots something every time he goes hunting?

Ever notice guys like this don’t appear to be a better hunter… just another regular dude?

Heck he doesn’t have half the gear you have and his gun looks like it went through 2 world wars. The bluing is almost all gone off the barrel, the stock is held together with duct tape and the last time you looked he had one of those magnet sites on the end of the barrel.

His .22 rifle is a little newer because his in-laws felt sorry for him and gave him one they inherited from a family member.

Moreover, the rest of his gear is not in much better shape but it never fails every year he has plenty game to his credit, turkey, dove, deer and plenty of squirrels.

Want to know his secret?

Follow along with Jerry and his buddies as they discover how they found out one Lucky Hunters Secret;

A Typical Hunting Trip in Virginia

A lot of hunters every year decide to go hunting at the last minute. Jerry (fictitious name) and his buddy meet a guy, who knows a guy named Joe. Turns out Joe’s friend owns some land and he has permission to hunt it. The conversation turns into “We Should Go Hunting One Day”.

No one knows when deer season is but everyone wants in on this hunting trip. To prepare for the trip everyone runs to the big box store and grabs hunting stuff that has pretty pictures on it with a big deer staring at them. It looks pretty, has a deer on it so it must work. Besides if it looks pretty my buddies are going to think I am the coolest hunter ever.

Jerry bought a call or 2 because the back of the package tells him how effective it is to call in the “Big Boy” and he bought a rattle bag, and a set of horns because he overheard his buddy talking about he bought one.

Jerry shot his gun 3 years ago but that doesn’t matter because he started shooting since when he was a kid ( 26yrs old now). Jerry knows in his mind he’s a cracker jack with a gun and can blow holes in a paper target at 50 yards away.

First Day Of Hunting Season Arrives

Jerry gets up at 2:30 in the morning to meet his buddies at Joe’s house. They all ride in Joe’s SUV to his buddies property. The land is an hour and a half drive from Joe’s house and they arrive just before sun up. The only one who has ever seen the land is Joe and then he… only drove by it once or twice.

Deer Hunting In Virginia

Deer Hunting In Virginia

Everyone agrees to meet at the truck at noon for lunch and off they go in different directions. Jerry walks in the woods and finds a spot that “Looks”good. Jerry’s mind is telling him “This is where that big buck is going to come. I know I am in his “Hood” and when that sucker comes by I gonna “Whack” him”.

This morning is super cold even for Virginia hunting. After about an hour and a half Jerry’s feet begin to lose feeling in them and his shooting hand is so numb he couldn’t pull the trigger if a deer sat down beside him.

He decides to give it up for awhile and go back to the SUV and warm up. When he gets there, he finds all of his buddies have been in the truck for over 30 minutes.

Everyone makes a couple more attempts at hunting until 3:00 o’clock when everyone’s had enough and they head back to Joe’s house.

The Lucky Hunter

When they get back to Joe’s, Jerry noticed Joe’s neighbor directly across the street, has his pickup truck parked on the edge of the road. It wasn’t there when they left on the way out that morning.

As they pull into Joe’s driveway Jerry notices in the back of the truck is a monster buck with this huge rack. Everyone piles out of the truck quickly and walks across the street  to look at that dude.

They find out from the neighbor that he went bow hunting and shot the buck at 9:00 o’clock that morning. Come to find out the neighbor has permission to hunt a track of land 10 minutes from his house.

The land owner is a friend of his dads and he helps the land owner maintain the driveways and some other chores for the right to do some hunting.

No Luck Involved

Jerry listened as Joe’s neighbor told them he “knew that buck personally” way before season and a few of his buddies. He even had a name for him and his buddies all summer. All the neighbor was waiting for was the first day of season to open.

He had no “Killer Products” with pretty packages to try and trick the deer into showing themselves. Just his bow and a small back pack.

Very few hunters know the secrets that Joe’s neighbor does about setting up his monster buck early in the year and how to help grow him big.

The Secret Behind The Secret

These secrets don’t sell hunting products on T.V. shows, so the producers don’t tell the viewer what they really do behind the scenes. Besides this is the same information Professional hunting guides use to find the deer on a regular basis.

If you have not seen my videos that explains how professional hunting guides find deer then: Go Here!

I will also give you my book "Definitive Hunting Guide"  and explains in detail about hunters like Jerry and his buddies and the differences between them and Joe’s neighbor.

My videos will show you step by step exactly what Joe’s neighbor did to increase his chances of bagging that big buck so quickly on opening day.

Plus I will give you a link to our hunting calendar so you know the opening dates for all game in Virginia.

If you haven't joined us and watched my videos I have another video for you to watch that will give you all the details...


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