A Subscriber Shared This Video - Look What He Shot In His BackYard...

His weapon of choice... Video Camera

  • Here Is Our Conversation:

    I live in Richmond and I had this buck in my yard for two years. He was found dead the next spring Three blocks from my back yard by a fellow from Powhatan. He mounted the deer head it scored 200 plus by Buckmasters.

    I have seen more shooter bucks in my back yard over the last fifteen years then my 50 plus years in the woods, amazing. Michael S


  • My Observation Watching The Video

    How big a set of antlers does not necessarily mean how old a buck is. Food source, the minerals they have access to and how many predators they have to contend with daily all go into their antler growth.

    In the video notice his ears weren’t moving much. He was not under any pressure. Deer on our farm for example are always moving their ears, trying to pick up the least little bit of sound. Our predator population is much different here than in the urban areas.

    One of the fundamental basic’s a hunter needs to work on is walking. Walking quietly at ALL TIMES when hunting deer under pressure is key to your success. You can do everything right to set the deer up, but if you make noise all the rest goes to waste.

    This guy would make a wonderful trophy.

    Thanks Michael for sharing this with us.