Piddlin And Didlin – A Deadly Combination

Hunting In Virginia food plots

Admit it.

Your jealous.

You see hunters with all the shiny new toys and they all seem to have something you don’t.

You go in the Big Box sporting goods store…

All those goodies… right there in front of you and it’s taunting you.

A fancy, package with a picture of your favorite game.

And you want one… Of Each.

After all it’s not much fun being a wallflower in the woods.

Nobody wants to be out done.

You want to stand out, be noticed by your buddies.

Moreover, you want to show other hunters… you mean business.

And a fancy new  do dad that no one has ever seen before is the way to do it… Right?

Why Fancy Do Dads Are A Hunters Worst Friend

My grandsons all under 10 years old taught me this lesson;

It was early morning on the Saturday before Memorial Day 2015. I went out bush hogging some food plots I needed to get ready for beans. Around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon I was hungry so I headed to the house for lunch.

On the way to the house I saw that the grass on the east side of the pond was getting a little shaggy so, I dropped the bush hog and cleaned a path close to the edge. My grandsons like to go over there and fish because they know that’s Papa’s cat fish hole.

They figure the closer they get to it the more chance of catching fish they have. I decided after lunch I would clean up the whole field over there since we had burned that field three weeks earlier.

The Million Dollar Deal

When I went the house for lunch four of my grandsons were sitting at the table eating. The first thing they asked was can they go fishing.

I didn’t know they were watching me out the window. I made them a deal…. if they did some weed eating at the pond while I finished the field I would stay with them and let them fish. I have to be down there because the rule here is they are not allowed to be at the pond by themselves.

Work ethic’s develop at an early age living on a farm.

After lunch I went out and started bush hogging. In 20 minutes I was almost done…. No Boys. I figured they changed their minds and weren’t going fishing. When I finished the field I found the weed eater at the pond and still no boys.

I went around the pond with the weed eater and had it lookin good. Just as I was about to finish guess who asks me if they can fish now? My quick witted response was “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Go Right Now”. The youngest one told me I was silly (sil-we is what he said).

They asked me why I said that. I explained it this way “All Little Boys Want To Go Fishing But None of them Want To Weed Eat Right Now”. They showed up after all the work was done. They were out Piddlin and Diddlin instead of working. Hold on… I will explain how this pertains to hunting in just a second.

I found out while I was finishing the field they were digging in the tackle box and putting artificial bait on the swivel hook at the end of their fishing poles. They had no clue what they were doing. One of them had a rig he was trying to put on that was for trolling for blue fish in the ocean.

Fishing Time

They started casting and reeling… what I call “Piddlin and Diddlin”. They weren’t doing nothing that resembled fishing. I saw the youngest had laid his pole on the ground and went off chasing the oldest one around the pond where I had just cleaned up.

Piddlin and Diddlin

Boys Piddlin and Diddlin

I picked up the pole; put a number 4 hook on it. I got a worm out of an old aquarium they were using to hold the worms they dug up in the compost pile. I put it on my hook, didn’t use any kind of weight and tossed it in the water in a short fly casting motion. Simple!

In one minute I caught 4 -5 nice bait fish. We have a bucket with holes in it that we sit on the edge of the pond about 12 inches from the edge to hold our bait fish. I call these bait fish because I hook them in the back and use them for catfish bait.

Hunting In Virginia youth day fishing

Youth Day Fishing Using My System

Well, the boys saw me catching these fish and Riley who is 7 yrs old wanted my pole. I was happy to give it to him because I wanted a nice cold drink and a shady spot under the cedar tree to rest. I showed them my system, caught a couple more fish and went over and sat down.

He caught a couple fish and decided he was going to catch bigger fish (a shark) and started digging in the tackle box looking for something better. A typical 7 year old little boy.

Needless to say… He didn’t catch anymore fish. None of them did what I showed them, the tackle box had too many distractions in it. This is typical behavior for young boys.

It was predictable what happened next… no one caught a shark, they got tired and quit fishing in about 20 minutes. That was cool with me because I wanted to work on some more food plots.

Piddlin and Diddlin Doesn’t Just Happen While Fishing

As I was cooling off in the shade, I was watching Riley messing around in that tackle box and listening to

Hunting In Virginia shark fishing

Riley Shark Fishing

him tell me how he was going to find something better. He described in detail how he was going to catch a shark… At that moment a light bulb went off in my head.

Hunters do the exact same thing. I give some suggestions to those who come to the farm and hunt. Within an hour they get bored, and start digging in their gear for some new fangled gizmo they saw on T.V. and just had to have.

Or they hunt one stand for an hour and move to another because they want to find something better. Don’t put a spin on this… I am not hating, just making an observation.

Some who come to hunt want to have a good time, sleep in a couple of mornings and just have fun. It’s kinda like fishing with no bait. Some days you just want to go for a boat ride and say you’re going fishing. Sign Me Up… sounds like my kinda day!

Pretty Simple To Figure Out The Basic’s

Hunting In Virginia buck

Early Season Buck Running Solo

Deer especially bucks are traveling all the time during the rut. During the summer we catch them on trail cameras about every 5 days and they generally stay together. There are no hard and fast rules but this is the norm.

During the rut they run solo and try to kill each other while the doe’s are in heat.  They come through the farm every 1-2 days checking their scrapes and rubs to see if any doe has visited and let them know she is ready to breed.

If you are in his run (rub/scrape line) when he comes through nature will give you a reward for your prep work.

The boys were supposed to be running the weed eater while I finished the field next to the pond. Most

Hunting In Virginia Buck Scrape

Buck Scrape

hunters are supposed to do some scouting so they know where the bucks are running. Nothing in that tackle box was going to help Riley catch a shark. Nothing in a hunters back pack is going to make up for not doing the scouting on a piece of property when deer hunting.

If your piddlin and diddlin and don’t do your scouting your chances diminish of killing something. Let me see if I can describe it this way…Your odds are about the same as that of a gambler getting rich on his annual trip to the Casino.

If you find you just don’t have time to do the work (scouting), then my suggestion is set aside at least the first day of your hunt to do the scouting.

Or, get the land owner to do the scouting and give you his notes. This means if I were to show you how to fish my pond I would tell you to use:  #4 Hook, Worm, No Weight, catch bait fish, Use bait fish and cast out on east side of pond and catch bigger fish.

Even with my system we don’t always catch fish in our pond… that’s why they call it fishing. You don’t always shoot game on our farm… that’s why it’s called hunting. But, if you don’t have a system… you may as well fish for a shark in the pond or hunt Grizzlies on the farm.

Hunters who do a lot of piddlin and diddlin are not a special breed nor are they uncommon because most who hunt once or twice a year do this. Nothing wrong with hunting once or twice a year as long as you realize your odds of getting a big buck greatly decrease if you don’t have a system. Some hunters appear to be lucky… But its not Luck… See The Lucky Hunter

Timing Is Everything

Call it fate or whatever you want… but you are here at this moment and want to get better at hunting. I took the time to write a Crazy Book that is different than all the other hunting books out there. Here is my offer… I will also give you my Hunting Guide System along with the book for FREE.

In the book I have taken the time to reveal why the Lucky hunter appears Lucky, and what you need in detail to be a successful hunter… ( #4 Hook, Worm, No Weight, catch bait fish, Use bait fish cast out on east side of pond and catch bigger fish)

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