Opening Day Of Bow Hunting 2015 – A Wash Out

Virginia Deer Hunting Buffer

The opening day of Virginia deer bow hunting season for 2015 was a total wash out. A 500 year storm pounded the east coast of the United States including Virginia making it a soggy yet, safe day for the deer.

In South Central Virginia the weather man is confused about the total rain fall but it appears we got around 5 inches of rain here on the farm. No matter the exact amount of rain our normal routine for a couple of days will be swimming through some of the fields.

The cool thing about all the rain is it makes scouting much easier.

On Monday afternoon Donna and I had some chores to do and took a walk on the farm just to check on things. We saw lots of deer sign in the mud meaning the deer were moving right after the storm.

With all the rain the last 7 days we figure our fall food plots will be about 7 feet tall by the end of the week (Just kidding). The rain couldn’t have come at a better time to get the food plots in shape when the deer need it most for early December hunting.

Not Just Deer Were Moving

While we were out checking on things we also came across a lot of scat from foxes and bears. This year we have triple the bear sightings and signs that we have in years past.

When the Virginia DGIF separated the bear tags on a regular hunting license this year and charged $20 additional for a bear tag it is obvious their biologist had done their competitive intelligence and knew the bear population in the State of Virginia was going to spike for the 2015-2016 hunting season.

In June I put together a video of a bear we named “Goldilocks Friend” and showed him on video tearing down our trail camera.

Hunting In Virginia Bear In CornIn between the rain storms last week Donna and I was out checking on the food plots and found that “Goldilocks Friend” has a big brother. We started over in a small corn patch we used for a buffer and noticed that the corn was tore up.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them…

We could see what ever tore it up was also eating it and knew it was a bear because the the ground in between the rows was packed down by bear paws. We found corn going down the road by the pines and suspected we would find more evidence of his visit there.

When I put the trail camera back up on the stand the last time, I used a heavy duty ratchet strap to hold it to the stand. If you want to see what the stand looked like go see the video of Goldilocks Friend.

This just pissed “Big Brother” off and you can see in the picture he destroyed the stand this time.Virgina Bear destroys camera stand

Next time I am going to need a heavy duty stand (large tree) to hook the ratchet strap too…

Other Parts Of The Farm

On Monday at lunch time we were down in buck bottom doing some maintenance on a small plot and we found some bear scat right in the middle of the plot. We went looking for other signs and didn’t find any.

New Virginia BearBut when we checked the trail camera we found all the sign we needed. Our trail camera was mounted a bit high on the tree because we were just catching the top of the deer’s back. This bear is just a little shorter than a mature 3 yr old doe.

We also found our first real sign of a buck scrape down in this area as well. The scrape was fresh and near the edge of a travel corridor. We expect to go down there one day soon and find the place tore up from the bucks fighting.

Virginia Deer Bed

Deer bed

Monday evening we took the SD card back to put in the trail camera and I decided to follow a game trail that I knew the deer were using. I found where a doe family was trying to bed but it was thick and full of trash so I cleared it out and put in 3-4 new deer beds right off the trail.

The secret to holding lots of deer on your property is to create lots of bedding just like this. It may sound strange but it works. That what I am headed to do as soon as I am done with this article.

I cleared the trail to a small patch of woods and found where they were using the edge of the woods as a travel corridor.

I found a small rub in this area and while it wasn’t much to get excited about… it was a rub.

This area is easy to access from the top without making any noise traveling to and from and without getting busted while in the stand. A new stand spot in Section 2 is about to become a reality.

Serious scouting begins next week and we have some new stands in the barn ready to put up along with moving some old stands to better locations for this year.

For all of our hunt club members and private land owners who follow us on this site… if you don’t have your food plots it may be a little too late but use a little throw and grow this week and you may get something.  It’s time to get in the woods and do your scouting.

For all those who come to the farm and hunt with us… Keep coming back here it’s about to get exciting.

Buy Your Bear Stamp for 2015… You May Need It!

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