Mock Scrapes – The Deadliest Predator Tactic Of All

Virginia Coyote Hunting

I hear your brain working overtime…

Hey Dummy,

Mock scrapes are used to attract the alpha buck in my home range not predators!

I hunt mock scrapes so I can mount that big buck on the wall.

That’s what your brain was telling you.. .


That’s what we used them for initially too.

And that’s what most deer hunters use a mock scrape for.

You’re not going to get an argument from me.

What would you say if I told you it is possible to use a mock scrape for other things and double your fun when sitting in your tree stand.


Through a lot of research and hard work I stumbled upon another use for mock scrapes while hunting in Virginia.

Hunting Yotes

Boy you bumped your head!!!

How do you hunt coyotes in Virginia using mock scrapes made for deer?

Are You Crazy?

Not really… So, let me explain;

I started putting my mock scrapes out the first of September for the 2017 hunting season. I thought I knew where the bucks were traveling on the farm from data for years past so, I selected these spots for starters.

Besides, I doubled the food plots in these areas this year. It’s predictable… where there are food plots there are generally a lot of deer.

mock scrape in virginia

Mock Scrape

I grabbed my weed eater, loping shears and a little hand cultivator with my bag full of synthetic scrape mix, drip bottles and wicks and headed out for the fields. I got to the spot I believed the bucks are going through, while still in their bachelor groups… and made a mock scrape.

I hung my camera on a tree across from the scrape and waited a couple days before I returned. I know others say they wait a week or 10 days before they return but I have had all kinds of things go wrong in the past. If something is wrong I don’t want it to be wrong for 10 days.

The argument others make for not checking trail cameras very often is they don’t want to leave their scent in the woods. As a researcher of wildlife I take a totally different approach… I do dumb things on purpose just to see what will happen.

Yep… I just want to see the results. That way I know if something is a fact or a myth.  If I screw up I just screw up and I go to another part of the farm. As you will see I don’t find it matters much. The deer are use to us working in the fields. They stand around and watch me running the tractor.

The purpose for putting in mock scrapes early is for the following reasons:

  • The bucks in that home range always want to check out any new bucks coming into the area, especially early in the season. They want to know who the competition is pre rut.
  • I want to capture all bucks who are in this home range. An inventory is probably the best way to describe this process.
  • I want to know if there are more bucks this year than last.
  • Are the same old dudes still around for another year or did they become a mount on a hunters wall or fall prey to a predator in the area?
  • Are the bucks still running in that area or should I continue my research somewhere else?

Just collecting data trying to get a competitive advantage when season comes in.

Predators Use Mock Scrapes Too!

On labor day my son in law and I put in a mock scrape while we were cleaning some trails in the pond lot. I hung the camera across from the scrape. Two days later I had to go in that area so I pulled the card out of the camera. This is where I got the idea to use mock scrapes for predator hunting.

We could see a coyote come down a known trail the deer travel, showing up briefly, with nose down following the scent of a deer. He didn’t slow down at the mock scrape.

We also saw on the same camera the night before, a small spike following  the same trail, heading for the food plots.

Today, I went out and freshened the scrape. The thing I did different was I added a few more drops of scent walking towards the camera in hopes we will get even better pictures of our new friend. I just want to see if I can get him to come out in the opening a little more using deer scent. A competitive advantage is what I am really after. In other words, a bow shot from say…35 yards or less… should just about do the trick.

My mind is running crazy with all the possibilities of how I can best use this new found information. May even trade in my predator calls… who knows. A buddy is coming in from Virginia Beach in the morning, My son and son in law will be here too… so we may expand our research on this subject over the weekend. Might even do a little dove hunting while were at it.

If you just like to hunt no matter if it’s deer, predators, doves, turkeys or even black bear be sure to visit Hunting In Virginia often to get the most current news on Hunting in Virginia. We will surely have some further information of how we put our new information to use. Who knows you may even get a coyote when you were least expecting it.

If you would like to hunt on the farm check in with Donna to see if any season passes are available at this time. If not she will put you on the waiting list. Click Here for more information about how to contact us and come hunting on our Private Hunting Land.

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