Virginia Deer Hunting -Keep Your Boots On The Ground

Deer Hunting In Virginia

Are you a City hunter? Or Are you a want-a-be hunter? Don’t Know? Are you really in the woods trying your best to find the game trails, looking for new sign from the night before, notice any new smells that weren’t there the night before? You do know that is what your suppose to be…

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What Firearm Should I Buy?

Rule Number 1 when talking to someone new… don’t talk about religion or politics. When it comes to Hunting In Virginia Rule number 1… Don’t get between hunters and their firearms. There are as many opinions on this subject as there are firearms on the market. To answer that question with a stock answer would…

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Hunting Is Year Round

The average sportsman today begins thinking about hunting when the leaves on the trees begin to turn colors in the fall. The air temperatures at this time of year are a very refreshing after the summer blast. By this time your reservations are already set on State land for deer hunting season. And for some…

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Hunting In Virginia Starts Here

I like to watch a comedian who is an expert at improv. They can start with nothing but a premise and then… like a finely tuned race car they move with an idea very quickly…. with one liner one after the other they entertain crowds for hours. Hunting is the same way. Everyone knows Larry…

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Game Cameras – What The Manufactures Don’t Want You To Know

The sole purpose of a game camera is to keep score of the wildlife you are trying to attract. The game camera will let you know if all the hard work you have put into your private hunting land is paying off.The primary thing we want to know… Is There Game On My Land, How…

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Hello world!

We will be adding articles to this site very soon. Come back in a couple of days and we will be back up to par. Our site got hacked and we had to rebuild. This is the best thing that has happened in a long time. The mistakes we made in the past are behind…

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