Goldilocks Friend

Virginia Bear Hunting

  Caught him again moving through the woods just below the camp ground: Not sure why the camera turned the picture purple… It only did it on a few pictures ??? Something new to tweak… Update: Think I found what may be wrong… I will try it and let you know what I find: Filter…

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Jim’s Best Survival Tips for Virginia Hunters

So, you want to plan on what you need in your backpack just in case you get lost in the woods when your hunting… Right? Survival guru’s all have a survival guide chock full of things you need to survive in the wilderness in case you get lost, matches, rope, knife, etc… Right? Lots of…

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The Most Fun Hunting Trip You Can Go On

Virginia Dove Hunting

Everyone in the State is crazy about deer hunting in Virginia. To put it quite mildly deer hunting is a lot of work. Older bucks are smart and you have to bring you’re “A” game to outwit a wily old dude that has been around for 3 years or better. Plus, you have to be…

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Don’t Be Like Brown Cows – Best Tip Yet!

I couldn’t put this in the regular email because it was a bit long. Okay, for those who received this in their email you figure I have lost my mind… Don’t Be Like Brown Cows?? I know your thinking “Hey dummy this is your hunting site not your cattle site” wrong class room. Don’t hate……

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Piddlin And Didlin – A Deadly Combination

Hunting In Virginia food plots

Admit it. Your jealous. You see hunters with all the shiny new toys and they all seem to have something you don’t. You go in the Big Box sporting goods store… All those goodies… right there in front of you and it’s taunting you. A fancy, package with a picture of your favorite game. And…

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Early Hunting Season Begins

Private Virginia Hunting Land

It seems like yesterday that the farm was full of activity with all of our hunter friends last year. Winter is generally our down time but, this year was pretty hectic as Donna and I discussed all the things we did last year, along with slapping ourselves in the head thinking back on the bone…

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