Hunting Is Year Round

The average sportsman today begins thinking about hunting when the leaves on the trees begin to turn colors in the fall. The air temperatures at this time of year are a very refreshing after the summer blast. By this time your reservations are already set on State land for deer hunting season. And for some of the adventurous hunters you have a dove hunt booked by early September.

The big box stores begin their mad rush of discounts on golfing supplies to make room for hunting gear. In Southern Virginia the last weekend in September marks the beginning of deer season as this is usually the weekend the State sets for Youth day.

Hunting on State land or the leasing of a small property doesn’t allow for land management with food plots or mineral blocks. It doesn’t require a weekly trip into the woods to collect several SD cards from the trail cameras to see if your hard work is paying off. It just requires showing up, putting up a tree stand in a spot that looks good and having a relaxing day of being in the woods.


Winter Scouting

For those of us with private land who practice land management for the wildlife, our season begins when the snow is still on the ground. We are buying our food plot mixes for the summer, walking the land while the snow is on the ground to see how much traffic¬† we have and where it’s moving.

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Fall Plot

In the spring when the grass begins to grow we are in the field getting ready. After any chance of frost we are out in fields breaking ground for new summer food plots. This is a good time to do some food plot maintenance, killing grass in the clover beds.

We also get minerals out on the farm at this time to help the doe’s produce more milk for the fawns and to help the bucks develop bigger stronger antlers.

By June 1st the food plots are in and the scouting begins. The State of Virginia Department Of Game and Inland Fisheries also releases the hunting dates for the season around this time… Virginia Hunting Calendar.

On our farm we generally run 7 – 8 game camera’s keeping track of everything that walks and crawls. We keep detailed notes of the size of the game to the numbers and if there are any new visitors and how often they come in and how long they stay.

During the summer we keep the fields bush hogged and are getting some small micro plots ready. We are doing soil testing on some of our right a ways. We will get the soil in the right away’s up to around 6.8 ph to put in some new clover/mix to help during the winter.

At the beginning of September we are planting our fall food plots not just to get the wildlife through the winter but to bring out the big turkeys in the Spring. Having a big Jake walk out in front of you during spring gobbler season also causes “Buck Fever”.

Hunting in Virginia is dynamic… Not Static. In other words, it is like your electric bill in the sense you know about what to expect but if we have a really cold winter or a really hot summer the bill goes up. With hunting if we have a really dry summer the crops take a beating and the food sources dry up.

All wildlife require a buffet to sustain their diets. Turkey, doves and quail will have a lot of bugs during a dry spell but they don’t just eat bugs. When nature is in balance things work well. But, nature is very seldom perfect nor is it the same from year to year, so we have to adjust.

When planting food plots we plant a buffet for everything. To do it right requires a lot of planning. Every year we work on our playground all year long not just during the winter. Every year we get better and better.

Winter is when we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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