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I like to watch a comedian who is an expert at improv. They can start with nothing but a premise and then… like a finely tuned race car they move with an idea very quickly…. with one liner one after the other they entertain crowds for hours. Hunting is the same way.

Everyone knows Larry The Cable Guy… Mr. “Get R Done”. The reason I like them so much is because I strive to be the same with everything I do. Then I don’t have to think in the heat of battle, just react.

It all begins with researching something, implementing what I learn, testing and getting comfortable when things turn out as expected. Then rinse and repeat the same thing over and over until it becomes second nature. Some call this “Preparation”. Others (my wife for example) call it O.C.D…

Preparation Can Be Beautiful

What Did You Say?…. I know a lot of people will scoff when reading this; well, of COURSE you’re supposed to prepare before you go hunting! But I’ll tell you: I see less and less preparation in the world and more than ever with hunters… a lot of improvisation that doesn’t work well in the field.

Here’s an example: I found some truly believe they can watch MMA (mixed martial arts) on T.V. and believe they can become a “Master of Disaster” on the streets. Others believe they can watch someone on T.V. hunt over a 4 acre food plot while bagging a 12 point buck and become a deer slayer themselves.

Most don’t understand all the things that go on behind the scenes . They don’t know it took 4 days and 40 hours of film to get that one good shot on the Super Buck that looks good on T.V. Nor do they understand it has taken a lifetime of practice in the gym to be able to tap a guy out in the first round.

The producers put in a lot of time to film this one kill shot. They want to make the viewer believe in 30 minutes or less THEY can get a “Super Buck”.

This is strictly a business to get their sponsors to pay them lots of money to promote their products. It takes preparedness by the entire film crew to get the good kill shot and put it on the air in the best light possible. A well prepared food plot that has no pressure helps a lot too.

The beauty in preparedness is the success at the end of the day. Success is not someone who happened to be walking back to camp and accidentally shoots the perfect buck, albeit that’s not bad either. It is a person who knows to put in mock scrapes, before Virginia deer hunting season like you see me doing in the picture above.

Preparedness is the person who knows his first time on a new property requires putting in some leg work, scouting the property and figuring out where the rubs and scrapes are, what direction the wind is blowing and if it changes when you go over the ridge.

Hunting In Virginia BuckUsing trail cameras to figure out if there is game and where they are coming and going. There plans are to set the big boy up, by pissing him off with mock scrapes and get him to show himself on day three or so. This big boy was set up exactly that way.

We See The Unprepared Regularly

Moreover, when I see the kinds of questions people ask me at the farm, on the web or just watching how they unload their gear, I can tell who has prepared even a little bit versus who is just out for a good time. A good time is good too…

For three years we had three fathers and their sons come hunting as a group. The first year one of the guns they brought need to be sighted in. I could tell by the way the fathers carried their guns to the range they were in law enforcement. You can’t fake experience or preparation.

When I talk to other hunters, for example, I love the feeling when discussing something I discovered for the first time. Something new I have discovered, either through lots of research or something I discovered strictly by accident.

Depending on how the person reacts to it, assuming it is something fresh and new and it is something useful to them I can tell the level of experience they have at hunting. Like the improv actor, I have spent a lot of time honing my craft and while it may look like improv to others, what I do has been rehearsed many times. It all boils down to muscle/mental memory.

How Do You Prepare?

The professional comedian practices his craft for years in order to have an hour of great material that will make the audience roll in the aisles. Yet, a new comedian will have lots of moments where he wished he had stayed home. New or inexperienced hunters will leave a hunting hole without seeing any deer, turkey or what every game they were after.

Others will always see game, and be like a well oiled hunting machine. How you prepare, if you stay with it and never quit…. will make a difference in how successful you will be. Hunting is not static! It is like your electric bill, it is dynamic – it changes month to month depending on the weather and how much your home.

I don’t remember the last time anyone came to the farm and didn’t see deer when they were deer hunting or squirrels when squirrel hunting. Part of the reason is because while we do have D.I.Y. hunts we make sure they at least know the basic’s before they go into the field.

To that end, I’m asking you what you do to prepare for your opportunities? What do you do to prepare before you go into the woods? How much of a ritual do you make in your preparations?

I’m just curious to know where you are with it all. Are you very prepared? Not very much? And why? The first thing you can do to help yourself prepare is to sign up for our emails and receive the hottest tips on Hunting In VirginaGo Sign Up Now!

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