Goldilocks Friend

Virginia Bear Hunting


Caught him again moving through the woods just below the camp ground:

Virginia Bear HuntingNot sure why the camera turned the picture purple… It only did it on a few pictures ???
Something new to tweak…

Update: Think I found what may be wrong… I will try it and let you know what I find:
Filter arm is stuck. Turn on it’s side, tap (pretty hard) on top of your kitchen counter/table and try again. Turn it on each side and tap until it breaks free.

Not good for Moultrie…


Make sure you get your Virginia bear stamp this year.Virginia Bear Season comes in early

Last Years Virginia Bear Hunting dates were:

Youth Day:  Sept 27   (same as deer)

Bow : Oct 4  to Nov 14 (same as deer)

Muzzle loader: Nov 8 – 14  (overlaps deer)

Firearms: Dec 1 – 6




  • bghunter

    Reply Reply June 8, 2015

    Hey Mike,

    Since you are pretty good at listening to my advice, I want you to leave your peace makers at camp and go find that fuzzy dude and take a selfie while petting him… LOL

    Better yet… I want to see you grab him like you did the turkey decoy and pose for the camera… HAHAHA
    For those who haven’t seen the turkey pictures Check it out here:

  • Turkey Mike

    Reply Reply June 7, 2015

    Hey Jim your right up there on the farm you never know what your going to walk up on….last day of turkey hunting was a blast never seen so many turkeys in one place to the next they were all over the farm…and the deer tracks and all the movement was awesome. One thing I’ve learned about hunting on the farm seriously is to listen to what your saying. I’ve learned a lot about the farm and you’ve always put me on the action.

  • Turkey Mike

    Reply Reply June 7, 2015

    Yup gotta get up there I wanna play with that big black fuzzy bear

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