Private Invitation To All Hunters Who Need To Knock Off Some Rust..AND HAVE SOME FUN!

Tour Guide - Manure Slinger - Bottle Washer - Chief Flunky

Hello, my friends call me Jim,

I am the official tour guide, manure slinger, bottle washer and chief flunky around here. In other words, my wife lets me wear the pants... She just tells me what pair to wear.

If my humor offends then you made a left turn and should have made a right and Partner...YOU ended up on the wrong page... but since your here... stay and have some fun with us.

If your Looking For A Day Of Fun... CONGRATS You're In The Right Place!

This idea came about because things get too serious around here most of the time. When our friends come hunting we all get together and talk and tell jokes but, it's all about hunting. Going to bed early and Gettin up early and it's generally cold outside. Ohhhh... we will get a friendly poker game going at night but that's not what I'm talking about...

Plus, I get kinda bored in the summer tending to the farm chores and keeping my wife's honey dew list done. Shooting my bow on the range keeps me sharp but that's not what I'm talking about either...

You Know....Need to knock off the rust and have some laughs while doing it...


Yeah... I remember doing this at the archery club. But, most hunters here use guns... Hummm

  • Sight In Our Bows On The Range... Then We Would Play Some Range Games Because We Got Bored
  • We Created Other Activites That Challenged Us Even More.. Away From The Range That Helped Improve Our Mechanics
  • Wellllll....If that wasn't enough... Moving Targets Had To Come... Sooner Than Later
  • We Practiced On A Standard Archery Range With Multipule Targets From All Different Elevations And Distances
  • If That Wasn't Enough... We Shot Our Bows At Targets... In The Dark! (flashlights and animal targets) from random distances.That was a HOOT!
  • You know... As a Scuba diver we would jump off the boat in the middle of the ocean at night with a friggin flashlight... Called It "Night Divin"!

Have Fun And Become Better Prepared Shooters... Hell Yea!

Hummm... Gotta think about how were gonna to pull this off using GUNS... I GOT IT!

In the morning everyone starts out at the range making sure their favorite rifle is sighted in. We will use a lead sled on a bench to make sure everything is perfect. Lead sled takes out the elements of  the shooters mechanics.

Now we make sure YOU can shoot your gun once it's sighted in.
Silence... NO Laughing... (This is suppose to be fun)

Now we will play some range games. Need to simulate a fast running deer. (When you miss with the first shot those suckers can run fast and low.)

Got it... 4 targets in 5 seconds at random distances under 80 yards. That's how fast a deer that's shot at (and missed) can move.

This Should Be A Hoot...And Eye Opening For Some Of Our Deer Hunters

Around 10:30 we will move on to working on Mechanic's. Breathing, finger pull, stance and shooting at a semi moving target. For this it would be best to use inexpensive ammo like a 22 longs.

This game we will call "Shooters Football". This will get the squirrel hunters whipped into shape.

After lunch we will get our deer/dove hunters in shape with shooting some moving targets. Bring your favorite shot gun with a box of bird shot. Limit of 2 shots per target. You will have to pick your shots carefully and make them count.

Around 2:30 we will grab a bottle of water and head for the woods. Throughout the woods will be random targets at all distances and elevations. This will be similar to an archery range for guns. You will have to guess at the distances and place your best shot in the target.

Work on shot placement at distance and elevations with your personal weapon. This was the toughest challenge for an archer. This is how we got to know our bow and to learn how to judge distance when all the marbles were on the line.

This will be educational and fun all at the same time.

Here Are The Benefits Of Spending A Fun Day On The Farm...

The Best Thing is: Hanging out with your buddies/ kids and possibly others, in the country for a day of fun

  • You will get away for a day doing something you love to do... Leaving the problems of the world at home.
  • Get to come to the farm and check out all the cool things we are doing to prepare for hunting season
  • By the end of the day you will have your rifle professionally sighted in using the lead sled.. Ready For Hunting Season
  • You will get feedback on how your doing and you will know the things you need to work on and time permitting work on them... Before You Leave!
  • What You Need To Bring...

    Wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for hiking in the woods.

    Bring Your firearms and ammunition of choice.

    Bring food and drinks for the day.

    We will have cooking facilities including microwave. There are cooking utensils here in the campers kitchen. Running water is available as well as bathroom facilities.

    We will provide targets and the lead sled along with a guide to assist you for the day.

    If you have any questions… give us a call. We will do our best to answer them.

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    How It Works…
    Talk with your buddies/family, then pick a day you want to come

    Get a total number for your group

    Call Donna And Book Your Day Of Fun!

    It’s That Easy…

WARNING: Get Your Day Booked Early...

I may be an ol dumb farmer and not the sharpest tack in the box but, there's one thing I know... All hunters are thrill seekers who love to have a hell of a lot of fun...

I know around here if anyone mentions having fun... Everyone Listens.

If anyone around here mentions shooting bows or shooting their guns... and ADD In A Challenge... They Come A Runnin.

Don't wait... Don't Think About It Too Long... Pick Your Date Early and Get R' Booked!