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Along With A Copy of My Book And Calendar
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    First, About 30 - 40 Days Out We Will Send You A Reminder Of The Next Season Coming In.

    So, you can expect around August 1st a reminder that Dove season is just around the corner. (It comes in generally around Sept 1st.) Then you will get a reminder that Youth Day for kids deer hunting is just around the corner.

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    We Will Keep You Updated On All The Hunting News Across The State of Virginia.

    We monitor the State news, call the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries if any rumors (good and bad) are floating around that in any way affect Hunting of any type in Virginia and pass it on to you our readers.

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    From Time To Time We Will Let You Know About What Is Shaking On The Farm.

    You will receive information of how our food plots are doing, pictures, tips and any tricks we happen to come upon while working on the farm or in our travels. These are the same things we talk about and send to our kids and other hunting family members who visit the farm. This Is The Good Stuff...

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    Our Automation Systems Are Necessary

    Our email system provides the automation necessary to get you those really cool pictures we may get on a Wednesday afternoon of a black bear, or coyote when were out on the farm. Without our email system those pictures would just sit on our hard drive because texting them to hundreds of readers would be to time consuming... (impossible).
    After you watch our Farm Tour Video you won't have to worry about us spamming the hell out of you... We don't have time for that nonsense.