Early Hunting Season Begins

Private Virginia Hunting Land

It seems like yesterday that the farm was full of activity with all of our hunter friends last year. Winter is generally our down time but, this year was pretty hectic as Donna and I discussed all the things we did last year, along with slapping ourselves in the head thinking back on the bone headed things we did when we started this venture 4 years ago. Sure has been a fun though!

Early Start To The Year

We figured out, in the past the deer are eating our food plots right down to the ground before the season gets going good. The solution is simple: Grow more grass and put in more food so the deer have more too eat.

Hunting Land In VirginiaWe have made a lot of new plans for this year and got an early start. We started by burning off the field in front of the barn. We left a couple spots for some cover but most of it is clean and the grass is already coming back.

After burning off the field in front of the barn we went across the road and burned off the field in Section 1 by the big log pile. We burnt it over the hill almost all the way to the woods. This area is going to have beans and corn planted in it. We left the tall grass by the fence line to keep a buffer to get in and out of the woods without bumping the deer in the food plot.

Then we went across the road from the log pile in section 2 and burned the little section between the Private Hunting Land In Virginiaroad and the woods. We are going to leave half of this in little trees for a buffer and the other half will also be in beans.

Section 2 Has A Beautiful Stand Of Clover

Hunting In Virginia Clover FieldMoving through to the field behind this (old equipment field) we found the clover plot I put in 2 years ago has really taken off this year. It is thick and lush with a little grass in it but I don’t think we will have to do much maintenance this year.  If we do, we have the stuff to get rid of the grass without killing the clover.

We are going to till up the food plot beside the clover plot because the deer tore it to shreds and it is mostly bare ground. I am going to double the size of this food plot with the intention of putting in beans on the top and some corn on the bottom third. We said the solution was to put in more food.

While I was in this field, I went down the hill with the tractor heading towards buck bottom and bush hogged the field from the fence to the draw that runs through the middle (center of the field).

We are planning on putting a small micro plot in this strip but the brush is so thick under the soil this may have to wait for a year. We have a lot to do and don’t have a lot of time working on something that is a time eater.

While in Section 2 Donna and I walked down the path heading to the beaver pond and put out a Trophy Rock to give the deer some minerals. We hung a trail camera down in this bottom to give us an idea of the movement down here. This trail and the bottom are lush green this year.

We are going to cut some trails into the bottom by the beaver dam to steer the deer into this micro plot.  With a feed program, a trophy rock and some beans we figure this is going to be hot. This isn’t nicknamed “Buck Bottom” for nothing.

We plan on putting out some cameras in the woods and on the top edge of the woods in this area as well. Mark F. shot a buck on the creek last year and he ran into a briar patch at the bottom of this woods. I figure there are a lot of deer in that bottom because they love those man eating briars that are in there.

A micro food plot may be in the works in that area depending on the traffic we see on the cameras.

The Food Plot At The Pines

We went back up the road across from the box blind (end of the pines) and bush hogged the new food plot from last year (right beside the woods). Nothing we can do to save it because the deer tore it up so, we are going to double the size of that one too.

In the past we had a path going into the woods from there. With a nice food plot here we don’t think it is good to walk through that path so, this year I am going to cut a new path behind the hay bales to get in and out of the woods.

While out scouting we found a nice trail (behind the hay bales) that will lead straight to the bottom of that draw keeping the scent down in the bottom of the woods and would be a good place to put another stand in case the wind changes and we need another place to stay down wind from the deer coming to the food.

Section 3 Is Going To Be The End Of Me

I have been all through section 3 and over half of all the trails are cut in the lower section. The new food plot on top of the hill we put in last year is clipped and will probably be tilled and resown in the fall with clover.

I went down the path towards the red gate and bush hogged a large section at the end of the road. If I can get the soil right without spending a lot of time here I am adding a new food plot in this area. The right away through the red gate will have a new clover food plot in the fall as well.

Pond lot food plotDonna and I burned off part of the field just past the pond last Friday night (next to the existing clover plot). We found something we thought was interesting. A game trail was running through the area we burned but the fire didn’t burn the grass on the game trail. The plan is to put in some beans to complement the clover alreadyPond Lot food plot there.

Hunting Season In Virginia Is Going To Be Long

If your confused about what we are doing, because I jumped around and may not have described all the sections as accurately as needed… well good. This will give you and excuse to come visit this summer and take a tour of the farm.

I can see now that hunting season is going to be a long one for us this year. It will be fine as long as we get a normal amount of rain fall to keep the food plots growing and we don’t get 3 more deer herds move in and wipe us out.

Hunting is unpredictable but we are working on getting a competitive advantage. Make sure you come play on the playground this year… It Should Be Exciting.

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