Don’t Be Like Brown Cows – Best Tip Yet!

I couldn’t put this in the regular email because it was a bit long.

Okay, for those who received this in their email you figure I have lost my mind… Don’t Be Like Brown Cows?? I know your thinking “Hey dummy this is your hunting site not your cattle site” wrong class room. Don’t hate… I’m in the right place… remember my Secret to Life…“Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” LOL.

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Here’s my point…When you are on your way anywhere that involves a ride through the country, you can’t help but see cows in the fields. The majority of cows that we see are brown cows or to us country nerds the breed is referred to as Hereford.

There are so many brown cows in the field that they almost become invisible. But, if you saw a belted Galloway you would wonder “Did that dude come from mars”? This is a white cow with a black belt around its belly.

Now if you saw a purple cow you would freak the heck out. That cow would stand out like no other. You can’t take any other cow and paint it purple. Purple cows are purple all the way through. So, if your goal is to be a hunter don’t be a brown cow.

The Difference is Purple Cows stand out because… They Are Remarkable.

The Game Is Not The Only Competition

If you read my About Us page you will remember me talking about my father’s buddies, Mike and Gary. They were competition skeet shooters. Needless to say, it was tough growing up and hunting with them.

Moreover, whenever we went somewhere to hunt on new property it didn’t take long for others to realize they were remarkable. New hunters who would hunt with us for a day wondered if they were from outer space… They were Remarkable.

In my last email I talked about inviting bow hunters we would meet while shopping at the sporting goods store to the archery club. When they came to the range they realized we were remarkable with our bows. Some told us they believed we were from outer space.

How To Be A Purple Cow

Now that you understand what I am talking about the question is how do you become a purple cow? The answer is easy… Pay attention to everything. For example if you come for a fun day, while on the Woods Walk when it’s your turn to shoot from a tree stand (elevated position) take time to make mental notes about how you would hang your back pack, store your gun, can you shoot behind you and be comfortable. Take a picture so you can reference it at home.

Then when you have time take a day and get your gear and go check it out in the stand. Do this way before hunting season. Here is a simple way purple cows excel: they will take a notebook and put tabs in it. One tab will be marked “Tree Stands”. Then they take a sheet of paper and will write “Double Stand in Section 1”. They will write all there notes about that tree stand, in very specific detail.

Purple cows are simply the most prepared in their area of expertise. This is especially important if you have your own piece of hunting land. You want to know everything that walks and breaths on your property. Where they came from and where they are going to.

In my About page I talked about how I started getting more proficient as I got older and was able to compete with the best of the best. My goal was not to shoot competition skeet. I just wanted to shoot quail. While the quail were fast and scared you when they left the ground in a flurry flying in all directions, my competition was not the quail either. My greatest competition was my father, Mike and Gary.

You don’t have to be a competition shooter but if you want to get the game sometimes you will find your competition will be a Purple Cow. As we also talked about in the last email in order to begin being a purple cow you have to get in the field to do your preparation. Schedule some time to come out for a Fun Day and I will show you what I mean.

Until the next time.


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