For Family Only:

Call Us Crazy… Listen, all the guru’s talk about you being part of the family when you visit their websites. But... if you have a question you get a generic fill in the blanks form to contact them.

HUMMM….. If our kids and family members have a question they send an email or  they call us… they don’t fill out a form.

As part of the Hunting In Virginia family we believe you should be able to get in touch with us like our kids do.

This means you’ll get personal attention. Let’s say you read about something on the website or in an email we send you, and you need some clarification or you want to book a hunt and have a question… call or email and we will get back with you to help you sort it out so, you’re not scratching your head wondering what to do next.

WHY? Because you’re like a brother or sister to us… YOUR Family!

Sure there are times when we are running with our hair on fire and will be busy on the farm and can’t answer the phone. But we will answer your emails and return phone calls when we have time to catch our breath.

Here Is Our Contact Info:

Email Contact:

To contact us by email send it to:

We will normally check the email a couple of times a day. At this time we are working on food plots and setting up the farm for hunting season so we may not check it quite as often.

Phone Contact:

If you are looking to book a hunt or coming for a Fun Hunt for the weekend you can contact us at: 434-264-2491. If you have a general question please contact us by email and leave your contact info. If your one of those Haters who can't be made happy go somewhere else, remember this is for family members only.