Virginia Hunting – Keeping Score

Virginia Hunting Whitetail Deer

Virginia Hunting 2015 It’s the beginning of fall and the leaves are turning colors. The big box sporting goods stores are running commercials on every T.V. station promoting all types of hunting gear. Hold up one minute… Your mind begins to race… I’ll bet that do dad is just the trick I need to kill…

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Don’t Let The Rat Race Today -Kill Tomorrows Memories

You’re driving to work and traffic is barely crawling, out of know where a thought hits you… Why Am I Doing This? I would rather be fishing or hunting or maybe even scuba diving. You begin to feel all warm and fuzzy remembering the times when you first went into the woods with your dad,…

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Virginia Hunting Land – The Options

private Virginia hunting land

Every year hunters in Virginia wrestle with the this age old question… Where Should I Go Hunting In Virginia? And every year the 3 most common options for hunters are: Private Virginia Hunting Land, Public Virginia Hunting Land or join a hunt club. In this article I will discuss the pro’s and con’s of each.…

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Jim’s Best Survival Tips for Virginia Hunters

So, you want to plan on what you need in your backpack just in case you get lost in the woods when your hunting… Right? Survival guru’s all have a survival guide chock full of things you need to survive in the wilderness in case you get lost, matches, rope, knife, etc… Right? Lots of…

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Piddlin And Didlin – A Deadly Combination

Hunting In Virginia food plots

Admit it. Your jealous. You see hunters with all the shiny new toys and they all seem to have something you don’t. You go in the Big Box sporting goods store… All those goodies… right there in front of you and it’s taunting you. A fancy, package with a picture of your favorite game. And…

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Hunting Is Year Round

The average sportsman today begins thinking about hunting when the leaves on the trees begin to turn colors in the fall. The air temperatures at this time of year are a very refreshing after the summer blast. By this time your reservations are already set on State land for deer hunting season. And for some…

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