Welcome To Our Archery Section!

This is personally my favorite section and tool for hunting. While not as popular as firearms archery is getting more and more popular. With the new technology available more and more people are buying archery equipment and heading for the woods.

The primary difference with a compound bow and a firearm is you have to have a bow that is more of a custom fit to your body. Guns are pretty much a one size fits all and you have to learn how to shoot what comes out of the box. After you buy the gun if you want you can buy a custom stock that is longer or shorter but the majority of people shoot what ever the manufacturer puts on it.

Archery has come a long way since I started shooting in the early 80’s. With the new technology the bows are lighter and the arrows fly faster and flatter than thought possible years ago.

In the early 80’s carbon arrows were not heard of. Everyone shot aluminum arrows and a stationary three or four blade broadhead. At that time I shot a three blade Thunderhead 125 grain. Today they have broadheads that shoot almost like a field point.

My First Bow

My first bow I used for both hunting and competition. I purchased a Jennings T-star with a draw weight up to 70 lbs with a 29 inch draw. I shot at the time bow hunter free style with five pins, peep sight,  wrist release and a short stabilizer. When I set this bow up an overdraw rest was not available but was being written about in all the trade magazines.

The crossbows back then were not very accurate. A lot of us at the archery club was looking at these bows but the one’s who owned them couldn’t get the to shoot a very tight group. Looking back I think we didn’t give them much attention because our compounds were so good with the long arrow shafts that we didn’t spend time learning how to tweak them to make them accurate.

Technology has changed dramatically since the 1980’s. The new crossbows today fly so fast and are very accurate. If you want to bow hunt and you don’t want to spend the time learning how to shoot a compound this is the way to go.

As I get older the thought of pulling my compound bow back verses aiming a cross bow at a deer… is mighty appealing.

I will be spending my time writing new tips and tricks on how you can become a better Virginia bow hunter.

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