Hunting In Virginia - The Journey:

Thank you for visiting Our hope is you’ve found our site because you love nature and being outdoors.  We do this because we love nature and seeing the wildlife that is abundant on our farm is our reward for being good stewards of the land.

The Early Years:

Over fifty years ago my dad introduced me to hunting on my grandfather’s small farm in Western Ohio. I was hooked and hunting ran through my veins like air runs through my lungs. As I grew older I realized that successful hunting was the reward nature paid for being a good steward of the land.

My father’s buddies Mike and Gary were some of the best shooters around because they shot competition skeet all across the country. As a youngster, it was hard to compete against their skill set so,  game was scarce in the back of my hunting coat. It almost seemed like they were hunting machines with the combination of speed and accuracy… it seemed like they never missed.

As I got older , I was able to compete. This happened for several reasons. My reflexes were developing and I got faster but the biggest change came when I began to understand the patterns of the game we were hunting and the gun I was shooting.

As I spent more time in the woods I learned what to expect. I learned where the quail would be and when we walked up on a covey, I knew their flight patterns and how my gun shot so I knew how much and where to lead them. As my accuracy improved my heart rate slowed and my game count at the end of the year was impressive.

I didn't learn this by watching some T.V. show. Back then we had 3 channels and the closest thing to an out door show was Lassie. I learned by being in the woods.

Hunting was fun but the feasts were the best. Hunting season comes at the right time of the year… Thanksgiving and Christmas. Baked quail was my favorite… YUMMM!


In the late 80's I started shooting competition archery while growing a family. By the early 90's Donna and I bought our farm and settled down in Southern Virginia with our children. I knew I found My heaven on earth....

My greatest success came from studying how to grow food, animal husbandry and how they worked together in conjunction with nature. Having balance in and with nature will create the abundance we seek.

I found hunting is not about the kill and how full your game bag is at the end of the day. The Secret To Hunting comes when you stop thinking like a man. We are intellectual and emotional beings and the animals are instinctual beings. When you go into their "Hood" you have to stop being you or your success rate will be like mine back when I was 12 years old.

Moreover, if your in the woods with the sole purpose to "Kill" something you better work on your goals. Being in the woods because you love nature and you want to learn what makes it tick, will bring you the success you are looking for as a hunter.

While sitting in the deer stand you better be watching the squirrel in the top of the tree 50 yards away, he may be telling the other creatures... your in the woods.


We cleaned up the farm and raised our family. Our kids now have kids and I feel a separation coming in the family. Our children have gone off to work to carve a place for themselves in society and raise their families. The are caught up in the corporate grind and are slowly forgetting where they come from. Then I saw a pattern developing...

This site started out as a journal for my children and grandchildren to keep my kids from losing touch with the wonders of nature but, moreover... To make sure our grand kids have a foundation that is firmly grounded in Nature. I hope that by keeping this journal digitally they can come back to it forever and that it will give them the insight on how to interact with nature so they will receive some of natures rewards for a long time to come.

We opened HuntingInVirginia.Net up to the public in 2010 because I found that others are caught up in the corporate grind, they too have lost their connection to nature. Better yet, I hope that when you find your way back to nature, you take a child out from in front of their computer and introduce them to the wonders that are just outside the door.

The site was recently hacked (Jan 2015) and I am rebuilding it. Some would perceive that to be a terrible thing. But, like a fire started in nature by lightning, at first things look ugly, but as things grow back they become stronger and better. A cleansing is needed from time to time.

Our goal is to keep the hunting tradition alive for generations.  To be a successful hunter you must be at peace with nature. The minute you walk into the woods your soul must be overjoyed. If you have success and harvest some game, that is natures reward.

Become One With Nature...While Hunting In Virginia and you will find success!

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