Hunting Land In Virginia

Hunting In Virginia

Did The Video... Get You Excited?

Sounds really good... But you have a few questions?  

No problem.. I would to.

Grab a drink... turn off your phone and give me 10 minutes of your undivided attention and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Ever ask youself what makes a person stand out to you.

What makes you choose one person/business over another... when everyone LOOKS the same.

What Restaurant, which Barber... what Plumber... what Dentist...

And as with the subject of hunting land in Virginia.... it gets especially nerve racking when the decision you make could have deadly consequences if you get it wrong.

When making important decisions like these, you are looking for critical clues that will help you make an informed decision.

It's just a guess, but I would bet you are looking for people with real experience...

You wouldn't want a dentist that got his degree from a correspondence school or a mechanic that learned everything he knows on YouTube.

And... I am gonna make a wild ass guess that you want to partner up with someone you can trust...

These things are important to you because... if you get it wrong... in terms of time, money, mental and emotional distress... they could be very costly to you.

If you think about it... one of the biggest judgment calls we make as hunters isn't actually about finding the cheapest place to hunt. Nor is it finding the best place to hunt because it has the biggest bucks.

No. The biggest judgment call we are ever likely to make as a hunter is about choosing the right property:

It's not a good decision to join a hunt club just because their membership price is low or hunt on gov't land because it's cheap.

It won't be such a bargain if the land doesn't have any game on it or if every time you turn arund you have to put more money in the pot for something else.

It won't be much of a deal if all the other members have stands (that are locked) in the best places or if like on gov't land the majority of hunters don't know how to hunt, i.e. go in the woods making noise and stinking like a mens locker room, shoot at anything that moves, put up a stand 30 yards from yours etc.

Picking where you hunt and who you hang out with while hunting is like picking the special person you want to spend the rest of your life with... if you make the wrong decision... it can be the most painful, most expensive, most emotional and biggest waste of time in your life...

Think about it, when the game being hunted could be you, isn't that when you should be the most critical about the decisions you make? Our friend Steve was shot while turkey hunting on gov't land...

The Stakes Don't Get Any Higher

The process of finding that special place to hunt... makes finding a doctor, lawyer or baby sitter look like child's play.

Getting past the barriers of someone who's experiences may have left them feeling bitter, burned, skeptical, cautious and fearful, is one of the hardest jobs you can ever take on.

If you're like Donna and I your NOT going to go about it like everyone else. .

If you act the same as everyone else... you are only going to get what everyone else gets... namely frustrated and rejected.

Because we are determined to have the Best Hunting Land in the State of Virginia I have to warn you... Our spots are limited and This isn't for everyone...

Farm Tour

Like Outfitters, we work year round on our land to make it the best... all around habitat for all types of wildlife.

I have to assume that since you are still with me you are interested in what we do. So, rather than bore the hell out of you... Telling you what we do... take a detour for a few more minutes and join me for a... Tour of the Farm

In addition to the tour and I will give you a copy of my book "The Definitive Hunting Guide"... FREE!

In my book I will show you the most... Sure Fire Way to find game (especially deer) just like a hunting guide. Plus, you will discover the Number One Mistake... most hunters make including you and learn how to overcome it.

I will also give you a copy of my 2015 - 2016 Virginia Hunting Calendar.

I have the Farm Tour video set up to open in a seperate tab so when your done you can come right back here and continue...

Go Watch The Tour Now...

I trust that you watched the farm tour and liked what you saw. I hope you know there is no way I can put everything we do in a 40 minute video. That was just to get you warmed up enough to want to come visit us. Generally, I will spend a minimum of a couple of hours with you when you come for a private tour of our farm.

But This Isn't What You Think It Is

This might sound like the kind of hunting that only the very rich can afford... But Its Not!

Those $500 per day guided hunts at an expensive Outfitter with out-of-this-world beautiful Lodges are nice... No Doubt!

But they cause the prices to go up...Drastically!

Nothing wrong with it if you have plenty of money and can afford it.

As I described above and showed you in the Farm Tour... we have the important things the High End Outfitters have... without the frills. No Expensive Lodges, or expensive meals or the overhead of high priced guides.

We cut out the frills so that pile of money... stays right in your pocket. (our hunts start at less than $100 per day with everything included).

Plus, if you don't want to camp out... No Problem... there are plenty of hotels and resturants close by... leaving plenty of money still in your pocket. At this moment we are working on other accomodations that may interest you.

It's Your Choice...

Hunting In Virginia

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee the following:

We will be friendly and treat you as part of the family.
When you get comfortable we guarantee we won't cause you any stress.
We will share all of our hunting tips in regards to our farm.
We scout all the time and put our stands/blinds in the best areas.
If you want to get away to quiet surroundings - Welcome To Heaven!
If you want a place to bring the family and be safe - You found it!
If you want a place to hang out with your buddies - Come on!
If you want a place to learn how to hunt... Just Get Here!

Hunting In Virginia phone 434 264 2491

Pick Up the Phone and Call Us. We will walk you through our simple booking process.

Call Soon... Limited Spaces Available

Status: Spots Still Open... But Hurry

P.S. You have absolutely nothing to lose from giving us a call today. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to have you come out and hunt with us. Start making memories that last at a price that is affordable for everyone.

P.S.S. Please note that we do not guarantee kills. Your ability, skill and experience ultimately determine your success but we promise to provide you with a great experience no matter what!

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