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I started beating the brush over 55 years ago with my father on my grandfathers farm. I learned over the years hunting is the reward that nature provides for being a good steward. This site started as a journal/guide for my children and grand children on how to keep nature in balance so that you get many rewards well into the future.  Visit the About Us page.

The sport of hunting is poplar all across the United States but Hunting in Virginia is very well known and respected by hunters everywhere. The State of Virginia is a hunter’s paradise. We have mountains on the West and rural farm and timber land covering the majority of the state creating a perfect paradise for all types of wildlife.

Its no secret, the most popular type of Hunting in Virginia is deer hunting followed closely by Virginia turkey hunting… especially spring gobbler season.

While these are the most popular there are a lot of hunters who enjoy rabbit hunting, quail hunting, dove hunting and squirrel hunting. And for the sportsman who just loves to hunt there are the lesser known forms of hunting such as coon hunting, crow hunting, fox hunting, and my favorite predator hunting. In some Virginia counties the governing bodies offer a reward for certain predators such as coyotes.

You Have To Put In The Time

In order to become a good hunter you have to put in the time in the field. Reading articles like those you will find on our site will help you get started but, you have to take what you learn and hone your skills in the field. Hunting In Virginia is not just a winter time sport...

In the Spring we are busy putting in food plots, putting out mineral blocks to help the bucks grow big and strong antlers and help the doe's to produce plenty of milk to feed their fawns. Scouting in the summer is a full time sport for us. It is interesting to see where the deer and turkey are moving.

As an experiment we will cut a new trail beside an existing trail and take it out in the field a little. In a couple weeks we will go check out our trail to see if the deer tracks (trail) have moved or the turkey have torn up the old grass looking for bugs.

Is Hunting Still a Popular Sport?

It seemed at one time the popularity of Hunting in Virginia was dying as more and more people moved to the city. As I talk to more and more people, like you... I am not so sure my facts were accurate.

I talked to a lot of people and found the interest in Hunting in Virginia is there but... most  fear the safety issues on State property. Combine the safety issues of hunting on State property with the skyrocketing cost of owning your own private hunting land.... a lot of sportsmen throw up their hands... And just stay home.

Our goal at HuntingInVirginia.net is to reduce your fears, and create a journal of the most up to date tips about Hunting In Virginia... so you can enjoy the fresh air and spend a day taking a child hunting or hanging out with your buddies.

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