Congrats Brian - Opening Day of Muzzleloader

This was the smallest buck of the day! According to Brian he shot at a monster but it was a little too much shot for his muzzle loader. When I arrived to help Brian look for the first one he was shaking from buck fever like it was 12 degrees below zero.
1 out of 2... Not a bad day all things considered.

The Real Secret To Deer Hunting Success!

Do you want to know the Secret To Deer Hunting Success?

Yes....? For the past 55 years I have worked on this one question... I Have Some Bad News!

What I found out is not what most hunters want to hear. Actually most will be hopping mad when they find out what I discovered to be the Real Secret ... Read More

The Lucky Hunter Shoots One Every Year

Have you  ever notice there always seems to be this one lucky dude that always shoots something every time he goes hunting?

Ever notice guys like this don’t appear to be a better hunter… just another regular dude? The secret to his success… Read More

BuddiesSpring Gobbler Season Hits Record Numbers

DGIF says that Virginia Spring gobbler season of 2015 ended with a new record. No Joke… they added Sunday Hunting in 2015.

From what I see there are more Turkeys in the woods even if there... Read More

Your Taking Your Kid Deer Hunting On His First Hunt?

Are You A Fool? There I said it.

Do you want your child, to enjoy their first hunting trip so much they want to go with you every time you go out in the woods?

I know what your think-in... well smart ass what about all the kids on this site who killed deer on your farm... Read More

Hunting In Virginia Buck ScrapeHunting Basics- Keep Your Boots On The Ground

If keeping your boots on the ground so you can scout game is considered common sense… there are a lot of hunters who couldn’t come in out of the rain without help.

Did you come to ride or hunt... Read More


You Gotta See This " Shooter Buck"

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Hunting In Virginia shark fishingPiddlin And Diddlin

Ever watch little boys when there fishing… My grandsons wanted to go fishing at the pond.
While I was watching them I realized a lot of hunters are like my grandsons always… Piddlin And Diddlin.. READ MORE

Hunting In Virginia Camp Jim's Best Survival Tips

Do you have your back pack ready in case you get lost when hunting? Got a knife, matches, food, water, rope and a survival guide? Not Me - I don’t plan on getting my ass lost so I don’t need that stuff. Here’s how.. READ MORE

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"Jim... One thing I've learned about hunting on the farm seriously is to listen to what your saying. I've learned a lot about the farm and you've always put me on the action".
-- Turkey Mike

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