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 The sport of hunting is poplar all across the United States but Hunting in Virginia is very well known and respected by hunters everywhere.  With mountains on the West and rural farm land covering the majority of the state… God created the perfect paradise for all types of wildlife.

Is Hunting In Virginia Still a Popular Sport?

It seemed at one time the popularity of Hunting in Virginia was dying as more and more people moved to the city. As I talk to more and more people like you I am not so sure my facts were accurate. I found the interest in hunting  is still there… but I found there were other more pressing issues keeping folks from hunting;

  • The cost of owning and maintaining hunting land is too high
  • The safety issues when hunting on State property isn’t worth your life
  • The costs and politics of belonging to a hunt club will make you rather stay home
  • The high fee’s professional outfitters charge is out of reach for most
  • The economy kept people at work who had jobs
  • Those with limited hunting skills don’t have a place to develop their skills
  • Most places won’t let or are not safe for young children to hunt and develop their skills

If you are one of those who wanted to do some hunting in Virginia and you didn’t because of any of the reasons listed above… You will be glad you found us. Learn how to go hunting, without going broke, stay safe, and learn proper scouting techniques? At Hunting in Virginia we don’t just talk about theory where it comes to hunting. We live, eat, sleep and live hunting. Can’t help it… Its Our Passion In Life. Make sure you Visit Our About Us Page for more details.   

 What Is The Most Popular Type Of Hunting In Virginia?

While we love all kinds of hunting, at this time the most popular type of  Hunting In Virginia is deer hunting followed closely by Dove & Turkey hunting… especially spring gobbler season. While these are the most popular there not the only one’s. A lot of hunters enjoy rabbit hunting, quail huntingduck hunting and squirrel hunting.

And for the sportsman who just loves to hunt there are the lesser known forms of hunting such as coon hunting, crow hunting, fox hunting, and my favorite predator hunting. In some Virginia counties the governing bodies offer a reward for certain predators such as coyotes.

Where My Passion For Hunting Began…

In 1960 my dad introduced me to hunting on my grandfather’s small farm in Western Ohio.There I was able to develop my hunting skills on the farm and applied those skills on hunting trips off the farm. Like anything we become good at, I was hooked and since then hunting run through my veins.

In the early 70’s my father’s buddies Mike and Gary were some of the best shooters around as they shot competition skeet all over the country. As a youngster, it was hard for me to compete and the small game was scarce in the back of my hunting coat. It almost seemed like they were hunting machines with the combination of speed and accuracy… it seemed like they never missed.

As I got older I was able to compete. This happened for several reasons:  My reflexes were developing and I got faster but… The biggest change came when I began to understand the patterns of the game we were hunting and I got comfortable with the gun I was shooting.

For example, I learned where the quail would be and when we walked up on a covey of quail I knew what to expect when they came out in all different directions. I learned their flight patterns and how my gun shot so I knew how much and where to lead them. As my accuracy improved my heart rate slowed and my game count at the end of the year was impressive.

Hunting was fun but the feasts were the best. Hunting season comes at the right time of the year during Thanksgiving and Christmas and baked quail was my favorite… YUMMM!

 You Have To Put In The Time

In order to become a good hunter you have to put in the time in the field. Reading articles like this and the one’s we send via email to our subscribers of Our Newsletter will give you a good understanding of what you need to do to be a good hunter but their not a substitute for practice. In other words… you have to take what you learn and test it in the field.

Summer Is A Good Time For Preparing

Most hunters believe hunting is only done in the fall. But scouting in the summer is a full time sport for us. It is interesting to see where the deer and turkey are moving. As an experiment we will cut a new trail near an existing trail and take it out in the field a little. In a couple weeks we will go check our trail to see if the deer tracks (trail) have moved or the turkey have torn up the old grass looking for bugs.

We build hunting blinds and put them in a honey hole during the summer. We may have one for turkey and one for deer hunting. We use all of them for hunting squirrels. Along with building hunting blinds we will put in a new bed of sunflowers for dove season or some micro food plots for the deer and turkey in the woods.

The summer is a good time to get some much needed practice in with your weapon of choice. Whether it is shooting on the range testing different equipment or shooting from an elevated position, this is the time to get ready for hunting season. In 2014 we are going to put in some archery targets in the woods to test our accuracy from different elevations and different distances. We would love to get our skeet thrower stationary this year as well.

Our Purpose For Hunting In Virginia

We started as a journal for our hunting notes to benefit  our children and grandchildren along with other family members to read.  Our goal was to write about the good things we found here on the farm that work and not some theory. Another purpose was test new gear and to cut through the B.S. from the manufactures bogus claims to help stretch your hunting gear budget.

Who Is The Predator And Who Is The Prey?

In the hunting industry hunters just like you, are the prey. Reread that again. Here’s what I mean… The manufactures of hunting gear spends thousands of dollars in the study of wild-game so they can create the next high priced doo hicky to sell to you and your buddies.

Once they create the high priced doo hickey their marketing department  spends thousands of dollars studying the buying habits of … HUNTERS!

Tip! Your the Prey! Translated this means… The manufactures study the best methods on how to separate you from your… MONEY!

I cringe when someone tells me about some high power doo hicky they bought.  Most high power doo hickies are unnecessary and don’t put meat in the freezer or prized mounts on the wall… Period! If you go into the woods with after shave on or hunting in an area with no game… that high power doo hicky is not going to do you any good.

As a hunter we all want to get better. But most high price doo hickys you can live without at least until you become proficient as a hunter. I have found most just need to learn how to hunt and then learn what gear will give you the best opportunities to be successful.

To the subscribers of our Newsletter we send you periodically articles about things that really work, that we’re working on, or talked to other hunter about and things we’re thinking about doing to help you improve as a hunter. I have a large binder with lots of notes about things like:

  • Where to begin and what you need to get started if your a novice.
  • Picking your firearm or bow without going broke
  • How to ignore the T.V. show guru’s and why you should.
  • 6 things most hunters do that let deer/wildlife know they are being hunted.
  • 5 Things you need to do while at home preparing for your hunt.
  • Understanding the travel patterns of deer.
  • And Lots Lots More!

You not only get the good stuff as a subscriber but we report on the things we tested and found don’t work.  For non subscribers we post things that are of interest and little tips for everyone to read from time to time on our blog. We also keep you informed from all the news sources and our hunting insiders of new regulations being proposed and things of interest going on in the hunting industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and visit us regularly.

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